Lousy weather, lousy connectivity, supposedly high winds today.

So you get no post, cause I ain’t trying to type it on the phone.

Go read the sidebar folks.

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  1. Lousy weather here today as well. I’m supposed to be working the 200 yard line at the range today, but with the forecast, things look iffy. Perhaps a few brave souls will come out.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Yeah the weather here ain’t nothing to write home about…after spending time in the Caribbean, the weather transition was a bit of a shock.

  3. You’re posting from your phone that you won’t post from your phone.

    Umm, ok.


  4. We got .20″ rain, thunder, then sideways snow. Winds started out of the southeast at 25, swung southwest at 25 gusting to 40, and then northwest at 35 gusting 55. And the first daffodils are blooming. Little do they know…

  5. Grog- Thanks… LOL

    Ed- What can I say. We didn’t blow away…

    TXRed- Wind only, no rain or snow, and ‘that’ was those yellow things that I saw go blowing by…LOL

  6. Blizzard warning here. Not sure we got much of any snow (and thankfully no freezing rain!) but ZARQUON is the wind ever blowing around the stuff we already have.