Fox in the henhouse…

The military draft is currently under review-

ARLINGTON, Va. — Three years ago, Congress created a commission to help it answer a pair of questions: Is the Selective Service System, which requires 18-year-old men to register for a potential military draft, working?

If so, should it be expanded to include women?

The panel, more than halfway through its work, is asking even bigger questions.

Full article, HERE at USA Today.

And as of Friday, Federal Judge Gray Miller in Houston has declared that the all-male military draft is unconstitutional.

Full article, HERE.

I’m hoping they change the rules to require ALL 18 years olds register for the draft, regardless of sex. This will give women the ‘full’ equity that they have wanted. And along with it comes those pesky requirements that those who fail to register with the Selective Service System at their 18th birthday can be denied public benefits such as federal employment and student loans.

Frankly this is long overdue. It should have been done in the mid-80s when Schroeder et al made the big push for women in the military with no restrictions. Why should half the population get off scot free?


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  1. Wow. With all those women serving, every infantry Private could be issued his own bed warmer/paperwork pusher.

    None so blind as those who just won’t see.

  2. And be sure to make PT standards the exact same as well. It’s high time that was done, too.

    • yes! that was my pet peave. standard means one, not different standards for some.

    • Currently, that’s being implemented. Same standards across the board with no differentiation for male or female, young or old.

  3. In the early 1970s I was getting feminism rammed down my throat in high school, while the clock was ticking for me to register for the draft.

    Hell yes, if the girls want to be so damned equal, they out to have an equal opportunity to get their asses shot off, too.

    Though in all likelihood they would have simply taken up all the administrative and support jobs while the guys got all the scutwork…

  4. McC- Point…

    STx/River- THat’s already gone by the wayside…

    TRX- Oh yeah. but you’re right…

    WSF- Agreed!

  5. And already the fembots are screaming about being forced to sign up. It’s like they only want equality if it benefits them…

  6. Schroeder *spit* is the reason my b-in-law resigned from the Navy (reserve). Some of his friends had been “Schroedered” because they had been in the same time zone as Tail-hook convention. B-in-law didn’t want to end up at the wrong end of a “hearing.” “Hearing” being the nice term for sitting in front of cameras while a bitch who doesn’t even know what you do let alone actually being able to do it tells you how bad you are at it.

  7. After reading the article the other day when it came out, I had but one question. “I wonder what the SOTU ‘women in white’ that were wearing the ERA buttons think of this and who is going to be the one that goes bat crap crazy in the press?”

  8. Not all women are bitches…I remember being disappointed as a teenager that my brother was getting a draft card and I wasn’t. Of course, then I blew my shoulder to bits by meeting hard ground at speed, and never was tall enough anyway. And I weigh less than the pack most infantry men carry. So moot point, because I do believe that the same PT standards should be applied.
    Same standards, same laws, same rules.

  9. I’m actually one of the few American men not required to register (born from March 27, 1957 to December 31, 1959). I remember the feeling of relief when the draft registration requirement was canceled.

    On the other hand, I seriously considered enlisting anyway – I had a high ASVAB score, so would have been (supposedly) guaranteed the training I wanted. And – like most of my classmates – would have enlisted no matter what if we’d been at war.

    Given the demonstrated lack of need the military has for unmotivated shit-stirrers, I’m glad we’ve not had to activate the draft for more than 40 years. But at the same time, reminding them that they *may* be called on to serve is a good idea, for much the same reason as the possibility of being called for jury duty.

  10. Beans- Yep

    Stretch- Oh hell yes… sigh

    George- Excellent point!

    Anne- Never said they were. I served with some damn good ones! And yes standards SHOULD be standard…

    Java- Lucky you! And agree!

  11. I think the age should be raised to 21. If you can’t drink or buy an sidearm, you shouldn’t be eligible for the draft.
    Declare that an 18-year-old American is an adult, including for purchasing alcohol & handguns, or raise the draft age, along with the other appurtenances of adulthood, including legal responsibilities for contracts, etc.–but that would include credit cards, so that won’t happen, will it?

  12. “…’an’ sidearm”?
    My apologies for my sloppiness.

  13. Hey Old NFO;

    I agree, if the women want “equality”, they can register like I did and like my son will. I still have mixed opinions on women in the service from the experiences I had in the Army. Tennessee Budd is on to something about the age of 21. I do agree with that one…if a kid can’t buy a drink until he is 21 unless they have an exception for servicemembers.

  14. Sometime around ’79-’80 the ARMY tried requiring the same PT standards for women.
    It worked about as well as you might imagine.
    (Those smaller-size stragglers you see behind the formation?
    They pee sitting down.)

  15. TB/Bob- Can’t say I disagree…

    GB- Huh, I don’t remember hearing about that. Must not have lasted very long.

  16. Until the Draft is actually drafting people this is almost all posturing.
    My proposal for a draft would be that military draftee’s would serve 2 years after recruit training. Then they would only serve in States or territories and would not receive any veterans benefits after serving. However at any time during their 2 years of serving they could commit to a 6 year contract and drop the “draftee” from their records. Oh, and pay they would receive 10% less than a enlistee and could not be promoted past E-3.
    Yes, that is drastic and not very possible.

  17. Any country that allows it’s women into combat deserves do die!!!

    Any country that forces their women into combat deserves even worse!!!!

    Hell no, no woman should ever be allowed in combat, and they certainly shouldn’t be drafted!!!! That is a sick lie-beral wet dream of “equality” that spells the death of a civilized society!!!!!

  18. Dirk the Impailer, you really need to do some homework. Ask the Israelis about men and women serving. Ask the Russians about their women snipers. Your attitude is a couple of centuries outdated.

    I believed when I was on active duty that it was only right that women be subject to the draft, just as men. Why? Because ALL of us have a duty toward our nation.

    I’m way too old now to register, although I’m subject to recall if the zombie apocalypse hits. I’ll be more than happy to escort my great-nieces down to register, if such a requirement does come to pass.