Baby Steps…

The Dragon capsule successfully docked autonomously with the ISS over the weekend. NASA astronauts have been working with Space X to make sure the system works, and will be as safe as possible.

So we ‘may’ be back in the business of actually being able to launch and recover our own astronauts.

Of note, it was FULLY autonomous, the arm wasn’t needed, and it had 400 lbs of cargo aboard too. Multiply configurable, it can hold up to seven astronauts, or some mix of astronauts and cargo, and comes with an optional ‘trunk’ that holds additional cargo.

There is a possibility the first manned launch will be later this year, and the bonus is that these capsules will be reusable!


Baby Steps… — 14 Comments

  1. And so, now, we can finally launch AOC and her out-sized ego into space where…

    Oh, never mind. But good on SpaceX, and let’s hear it for free-market commerce where such advancements can outstrip .gov design.

  2. We need to get President Trump re-elected for another four years. There is still a lot to do in order to reverse the horrible years of ObamaNation. The Dragon Capsule is a great step to return to where we should have been.

  3. It’s a good step. Hopefully Musk’s antics and the problems they have created for Tesla didn’t bleed over into SpaceX too much.

    • I’m honestly beginning to think all Tesla exists for is to be a playpen for Musk so his bs doesn’t interfere with Space X. Any cars they produce seem to be a bonus.

  4. I believe in crew safety, but I wish we could get away from, “I’m sorry Captain Lewis, trekking out west is just to dangerous”, and “Naw, no one could possibly push a handcart out to the desert. Stay home!”

  5. Yay! We’re back to… 1968 when North America had plans for the next block of Apollo capsules (woulda been Apollo 21+) to be 70-80% reuseable (which is a percentage that the Shuttles attempted to meet, by the way. Those birds were rebuilt every time.)

    Now all SpaceX has to achieve is re-entry, landing, and recovery (they’re planning a splashdown landing. The retro-rocket landing plans have been pushed back.)

    June-ish is the window for the first crewed Crew Dragon launch.

    Boeing’s un-crewed crew capsule will supposedly be launching in April-ish, with crewed launch (if everything goes well with uncrewed) in August-October.

    But… Knowing NASA, expect some delays even if all the flights go 100%.

  6. Ilike what LL has to say, we need to win 2020 and with that, what a useful contribution to the Space Force.