It’s NOT supposed to be this #$*_(@ cold! Not in March…

14 night before last, ‘high’ of 29 yesterday, and a low of 17 last night…

Y’all can go ahead and laugh, but even the dog didn’t want to go out unless he HAD to… And those were the quickest #1 and #2s he’s ever done…

And it’s supposed to be 72 by Friday. It’s no wonder everybody is sicker than a dog around here… sigh…


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  1. Woke up to 19 degrees this morning in Philly, not as cold as some folks around the country are seeing, but it’s cold indeed.
    We’re heading off to the Flower Show today. Seeing everything in bloom makes us think that Spring is actually going to show up.
    Luckily yesterday’s prediction of 3-5 of snow turned out to be around one inch of slush.

    It may offend the ancient snow gods, but if the snowthrower spends the winter in the shed, that’s just fine with us.

  2. Yawp, 40 degrees in the RGV waaay down here, so I believe you when you say North Texas is pretty brisk. Try and stay warm – how’s a nice hot toddy sound ? :^)

  3. Below freezing her last night, and forecast to be 23 tonight and 29 degrees tomorrow night. We have an overnight house guest, therefore, because I just CAN’T say to an angel, “Go sleep on the street, and die.”

  4. I found it interesting that yesterday Houston was only 5 degrees warmer than West Virginia, but by Friday it is forecast 40 degrees warmer… if it makes it, and the lightning and rain doesn’t destroy it before then!

  5. Gonna spend the day at my club practicing on the 100 yard range for the weekend match. Light winds and temps in the high 70’s.
    God Bless the Gunshine state.

  6. Current temperature here is 9 going to 26. Yesterday the high hit all of 18. It should be in the low 50s. Where’s that global warming when I really need it?

  7. I keep warning y’all about the coming ice age and you just make fun of me… ;^)

    Burn wood, drive gas guzzlers, buy a cow – save the planet.

  8. You’ll get no sympathy from me.

    My brother lives in Rice Lake, WI. Here’s what he and his dogs face when they get up in the morning:

    Hi Lo
    Mon 3° -11°
    Tue 7° -15°
    Wed 14° 0°
    Thr 19° -17°
    Fri 19° -16°
    Sat 19° -3°
    Sun 2° -15°
    Mon 7° -21°
    Tue 14° -4°

    All the numbers are actual temperature. Wind chill is ignored, as everyone has learned that it’s warmer when you stay out of the wind.

    So, it’s twenty-one degrees below zero. The dogs air themselves in record time. The truck has a block heater and a garage, so it starts right up.

    Saturday it’s supposed to get up to 36°, but then the place is scheduled to get 5-8 inches of snow.

    At 40° everyone breaks out their shorts and tee-shirts.

  9. Ok, so I am glad to be on the east side of Lake Michigan, not on the west side. Here in western MI it is 12* as I type this at 10AM, supposed to get all the way up to 16. Should start warming up to the mid-20’s by Thursday.
    And we only got 3 of the 4-6 lake effect we were supposed to get last night. Yea.

    I believe LL, and my husband agrees. Hubbie’s motto is buy a bigger truck, so it warms up around here. The wood stove is running well, so we are cozy as long as we stay inside.

    But feeding the birds is a pretty quick trip, especially when the wind is blowing.

  10. 20 degrees outside here when I woke up this morning and about 56 inside my house, 26 outside now and in my basement it’s 58 (usually the coldest it gets down here is 62). My oil company had a technician come by last night and he fixed the oil burner for a problem. This morning it was not working at all. He also did some other things and one of those may be due to it breaking down. I called the oil company at 0636 and another guy just showed up 10 minutes ago to take a look at it and hopefully get it fixed. Thankfully, we have a gas fireplace in the living room and I have mercury vapor lamps on my tortoise enclosure. I also put a small electric heater in the basement but it is not dong much except eating electricity.

  11. Ditto, sick of this winter down here too….been longer than usual here and started really early. Hopefully this is the last hurrah for old man winter.

  12. John- It’s sad that WE are colder than you are… sigh

    Julio- Dang, that is COLD for y’all! Moar coffee!

    Pat- Yep, that’s cold for y’all too!

    Jon- At least we are warming up… kinda…

    Roger- Shaddap… 🙂

    Jim- Agreed!

    LL- I do!!! Sigh…

    MJ/Suz- LOL, but y’all live there by CHOICE! I live here because it’s supposedly warmer… sigh

    Glenn- Ouch, that’s not good! Hope it’s an easy and quick fix!

    WSF- LOL, who knows…

  13. Drat, I though Texas was supposed to be warm.

    It’s been 8 or lower here the past few days and with wind chill down to -6 which was no fun. Certainly a bitter cold opener to March.

  14. It was -8 last night here in the Copper Basin Alaska and already up to +14 at noon headed for 22. Pretty normal for the season but I have seen colder. I wouldn’t be surprised at a new ice age but the warming folks look at the fact that the current Bering Sea “unprecedented” lack of ice proves their point. Apparently the ice that pretty well covered it at the end of January was thin and storms broke it up enough that there are only ice cubes in the whole of the Bering Sea. I guess that is pick your point ststistik to prove your point!

  15. Randy- I hear that!

    JMI- Hopefully… sigh

    Aaron- Ouch!

    Hammer- Yeah, they ‘like’ to do that… Sigh…

  16. Hey Old NFO;

    I spent the afternoon on the ramp with the temperature 30 degrees not including the wind chill….The inside of the airplane wasn’t never soo warm after being outside..
    It is March….It is supposed to be getting warmer….but Mother Nature is saying “Hold my beer…”

  17. -24F this morning in Helena, MT. -36F yesterday morning. No complaints – I moved here from Alaska… But I think it’s safe to say that we’re ALL looking forward to spring. I’ll be grateful when it finally gets above freezing. It was a long COLD February and March isn’t showing any sign of relenting – yet.

  18. DW- Yep!

    Bob- And with your humidity, that’s COLD for ATL!

    Dave- Brrr… You win! But you chose that…LOL And no, no sign of spring!