Over the top???

Probably, but I’d still waste a golf ball or two on that hole…

I’ve played Ko’olau in Hawaii, and the course record was 63 at the time (lost balls that is)…

This is one of the ‘interesting’ holes… What you don’t see, is that just over the ridge, there is jungle… until you get to the green!

Sigh… Is it spring YET???


Over the top??? — 11 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO;

    Have patience Obi-won Have patience…Spring will be here…..in the fullness of time……when it is good and ready…….and wants to make a dramatic entrance…….where it flounces in with a sequin dress….and a hat 2 sizes too big…LOL

  2. I’m guessing that the caddy is probably packing a Weatherby in the golf bag as well as a full set of irons. Some of that wildlife looks like it would chase you around the course just for the fun of it. Talk about course hazards.

  3. Not being much of a golfer, I’ve never played a course on Hawaii, though I’ve been stationed there and hang out there from time to time. The weather on Hawaii is good, though there are down-sides to the place and I won’t discuss that here.

    I’m more than ready for the snow to melt and for summer to come. Though with the coming ice age and 12 years left to live before we’re all under the ice sheets, we’re going to have to make it count.

    • Is it Ice Age now?
      I get so confused…

      First it was drought and famine because humans were reproducing too fast for the food supply. So stop having children and eating, hey?
      But then, Norman Borlaug and crew produce a semi-dwarf disease resistance wheat, feeding billions in Third World countries.

      Then it was nuclear winter, because it was clear that we were going suicide, and better Red than dead, hey?
      But then, Ronald Reagan raised the stakes, the Soviets couldn’t play, and folded their hands and walked away.

      Then it was global warming. Your job and your car and your home are going to melt the ice caps and put Miami under 18 meters of water next week sometime, hey?
      I thought we were still on that one.

      Plus, there is GMO, which is going to kill us. Because screw Norman Borlaug and the starving POC, they don’t know how to vote anyway. I mean, just look at what the African bishops did to the United Methodist church this month, hey?

      So, is it Ice Age now?

      I get SO confused…

  4. Bob- Probably… LOL

    Ray- At least! And probably a security team on patrol too!!!

    LL- Oh yeah. Same here, except I played golf… LOL

    Pat- Beats the hell outta me… sigh

  5. Every golf course ever built is just another terrible waste of a good rifle range.

  6. “Is it spring YET???”

    On Thursday it seemed like it. Between the 70 degree temperature, the three tornadoes, the hail storm, the torrential downpours, and the subsequent rainbows, it certainly felt more like spring than winter.

  7. Sendarius- Possibly… LOL

    Stretch- Nah, they just dress funny… Or they used to. Now they’re pretty staid.

    TOS- There IS that…

  8. I’m with LL on this one, the new ice age is great but I’m ready for Spring. Now, if only it’d stay that way in Texas.

    Hawaii looks idyllic.