This…this is simply amazing…

If nothing more than for its stupidity!

From The Blaze, HERE.

On Tuesday’s radio program, Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere discuss the top 16 most stressful scenarios reported by survey respondents:

1. Losing wallet or credit card

2. Arguing with partner

3. Commute or traffic delays

4. Losing phone

5. Arriving late to work

6. Slow WiFi

7. Phone battery dying

8. Forgetting passwords

9. Credit card fraud

10. Forgetting phone charger

11. Losing or misplacing keys

12. Paying bills

13. Job interviews

15. Credit card bills

16. Check engine light coming on

These idjits obviously don’t have a good grip on reality, or are still living in their momma’s basement!

My biggest worry back then was whether or not I was going to get shot at during my military flights!

Got a hint for them…

A course in reality ‘might’ change their ‘worries’ to something more realistic! Just sayin…


YGTBSM!!! — 25 Comments

  1. 1. Incoming artillery.
    2. Minefields.
    3. Incoming small arms fire.
    4. Driving a 7’1″ wide vehicle on a winding corduroy road that is 7′ wide, with a 3000′ vertical drop on one side and cliff face on the other.
    5. Sitting in the aircraft, listening to the Pings! and watching the holes appear.
    6. Being in a burning building.
    7. Going on patrol with the idiotic, unprofessional, untrained replacement unit.
    8. Watching a friendly unit get destroyed by an ambush, and not being allowed to help out. (@#$% cowardly, treasonous officers! This is what Article 99 was written for.)
    9. Being in the middle of a hostile mob, two hours away from the nearest other friendly unit.
    10. Driving past the spot where roadside bombs have already gone off three times in the last two weeks.

  2. Any job/situation where your daily prayer starts with “Please, God, protect my ass”.

  3. Dying spouse or child
    Loss of a job
    House lost to fire or flood.
    Rooting for the Dallas Cowboys.

  4. Reading the Army Times, and exactly matching the memorial article for Soldiers to the engineering fix for an incident you just analyzed. Bunch of folks had to stop reading the magazine, couple had to stop drinking.

    Yup, one nephew graduated from that location. Fine young man, VERY proud of him, but now he’s a touch too focused on occasion.

    • I had to let my subscription to the Army Times lapse. I found I opened it to the obituaries every time. And I just kept seeing the same stupid mistakes being made again, and again, and again…

  5. Getting shot wasn’t on the list. Amazing. But having a nasty paper cut is clearly a worry in the yuppy world, or having the Starbucks run out of mud to pour into a cup.

  6. Not ever in the Services, but at various times…

    Making sure I could/can still breath.

    Having enough money to make it to next payday.

    Having a job.

    Keeping my loved ones alive.

    Not getting killed by other people at school (no, really, true…)

    Scraping enough money to pay car tags/insurance so I can make money.

    Kids these days, so friggin isolated. I heard of one child who couldn’t make it in the real world because her parents supported her inability to eat food with sauce on it, so when she went to college, all the cafeteria food was… ‘wet.’

    Oh, yeah, another one. Having enough money so this week isn’t going to be just beans and cornbread for 7 more days. Or 6, and splurge and make chili and cornbread with the leftovers, and then have chilidogs with the leftover leftovers.

    Have agonized over buying milk or eggs (both which are needed for cornbread) or medicine (needed for life…)

    Shallow people, who have had no real experience, think shallow things are life ending, and have no real basis for real joy in life. Us people who have suffered deeply one way or another are capable of deep joy, having the deep suffering as a counter-point.

    Snowflakes is a great label for these idjits. Fragile, easily melted down, and given enough of them, they’ll crush our civilization like a glacier…

    • Well, instead of beans and cornbread, once in a while we’d live it up and have cornbread and beans! Yay!

      Meanwhile, just loved watching people on foodstamps buy beer, tobacco, candy, MEAT!!!!! Grrrrr… Saving and scrounging so we could splurge on a $5.00 Little Ceasar’s pizza. Fun times, fun times…

      Beans as a meal does not provide enough protein to keep up your blood protein levels for selling your plasma, by the way.

      The worst place to be monetarily and still be working is to make $10 more than you would qualify for assistance. All the fun of being poor with none of the benefits!

      • Oh, yeah. My disability retirement is $3,000 more per year than the public assistance cutoff. So I don’t get any of the $65,000 per year worth of welfare benefits.

  7. Dude! Yeah, parents totally need to send their spoiled kids to that school. Parris Island is a real party school – the incoming freshmen get to learn about blanket parties, barracks parties, even work parties!

    Oh, and they’ll get plenty of exercise and good food – they have nutritionists on staff there! The personal trainers really motivate you to get into the best shape of your life!

    And even better than no bribery, why, your kid will even be paid to attend! And there are semesters overseas available all the time!

  8. For those that have had their turn in the barrel and the controllers working them: Dark Stormy night with deck corkscrewing REAL WORLD Blue Water ops, Sour Tankers, NO mode 1 1A or 2 only mode 3 CCA available. My ass sucked the cushion typing this.

    • Um, no. Unlike my fighter pilot father, I don’t get sick on a Merry-Go-Round (no, seriously, fearsome jet pilot scared of MGRs…) Anything less sedate than the MGR and I’m a hurling champion in not the Olympic Sport way.

      Terra very firma is my ideal!

  9. Beans- Ouch!

    Wing- Oh hell yes! LOL

    George- So did mine just READING it!

    Beans- ROTF…

  10. Dad was a medic in a mobile hospital unit as we moved up through the Philippines. Uncle Lynn was at Iwo. Millenials need smacked sideways.

  11. At 24 my biggest worry was whether or not I would bring all of my guys back. Period. All stop.

    • The number one priority is always property accountability – coming back with all the bits of us that we left with.

  12. No politics and snowflakes used to be called slackers.

    Made it through school, college (work/study – no debt), three long term companies, reaching a fairly comfy retirement simply by being:

    Pleasant more than otherwise
    Learning constantly
    Picking up manual skills doing jobs others would not
    Listening more that talking and reading everything available
    Being loyal to family, friends and employers
    Doing what one can for others when possible
    Relying on experience and judgement as opposed to emotion
    Always doing more than is expected
    Recognize that humanity is part of the bell curve, some are assholes, some are angels, most fall in between and no one will look out for your best interest better than yourself.

    Does not take more than this to succeed and when things look dark and foreboding, look for the way to change circumstances.

    Rely on yourself mostly and a very few others you can trust.

    All of the above distills down to using the brains god gave us and having perseverance to overcome the unexpected whether natural or man made.


  13. Eastern recruiting region?? Is there another we weren’t told about? 😀

    But yeah, you’re right. Beck has turned into a joke. And I used to really enjoy that show, circa 2007-8. No idea what he turned into a giant cuck.

  14. I loved the news story that millennials don’t eat cereal because they don’t want to wash out the bowl. How lazy can you be?

  15. That list had me shaking my head. I’ve had some of them happen to me. I found none of them all that stressful, I simply dealt with them. Like a few of the above, I’ve been subjected to incoming hostile fire. Check engine light? Give me a break! Busted phone screen? Well xin loi, snowflake! Try dealing with serious, and potentially lethal, health issues in one’s self or a loved one. Now grow up already.

  16. I feel like I’m being punked here. I’ve never even been in the military and most of these barely move the stress needle for me above ‘annoyance’.

    I’ll be honest, the most severe stress I’ve gone through in the last year was putting down my dog (she was suffering from illness). Bills? Slow wifi? Lost credit card? Screw ’em, I’d take ALL of those on to get my doggo back.