Old skool…

Lemme try this again, post disappeared…

Finally got my old school shotty!

3 months of “It’s out of stock, yada, yada, and my gun shop FINALLY found one!

Old school 590A1, wood furniture, ghost ring sights, 8+1. All up weight is right at 8 lbs, so not a ‘lightweight’, but excellent for what I want (Home defense).

And the gun shop had three offers to sell it before I could get down there and get it! Thankfully, he didn’t sell it out from under me.

Not going to add frou-frou bits to this one, going to keep it basic for what I need. Range report when I get a chance to get out and shoot it!

Guess this will qualify as my BAG day gun!!! 🙂


Old skool… — 22 Comments

  1. I’m going to suggest bending the KISS principle just a bit.
    Give a bit of thought to adding a weapon light, and a caddy for a few more rounds. Adding a bayonet lug makes no real sense, but there is just something neat about the bayonet.

  2. Sweet. Nothing puts the reality in a situation like the racking sound of a pump shotgun.

  3. John- If I need more than 9 rounds, I’m in trouble!!! 🙂 I have a weapons light on the other 590A1, so this will be the backup.

    Nylon- Yep! 😀

    mp- Especially after the first round goes off, assuming anyone can HEAR after that! LOL

  4. mp reminds me…

    I’ve been told of a tale wherein at some well-out-of-they outdoor event (renfaire, SCA, something on that order) way back before smartphone with Square adapters, when a vendor heard some ne’er-do-wells planning on breaking into the vehicle/trailer, unaware of the occupant. The vendor, thinking quickly, grabbed the “knucklebuster” for pressing credit cards to carbons.. and slide it.. and back: *kshhhk!* *shhhk!* And the troublemakers quickly decided elsewhere was a great place to be.

    • Heh. I’ve been to several SCA events! Great fun, if you’re camping with the right bunch. One of the events we went to several times was next door to a state prison. I sometimes wondered what would happen if some escaped convict wandered into camp looking for easy prey. Most everybody at these gatherings is carrying, at the very least, a knife to say nothing of the swords, battle axes, and maces.

  5. Nice find!

    I put an inexpensive ‘red dot’ on my 870, along with a sling and a side saddle for more 5 rounds.

    Aint nothin’ like racking a 12 gauge pump to get somebody’s attention!

  6. Angus- I have one that fits it… 🙂

    Orvan- LOL, great story!

    JMI- Snerk… THAT would have been interesting, to say the least!

    drjim- My other one has all those toys… 😀

  7. Ghost ring on a shotgun? I did have a tiny peep sight on a 75 year old .410 so it’s not unheard of. How tiny? One speck of dust would nearly cover the sight.

    What is her name?

  8. Electronic ear muffs on the bed post, shotgun right beside it.

  9. Jim,
    I’d suggest a sling. It’s too handy to leave off. Just keep it tight until you doing it. That 9lbs can get heavy if things slow down. A mounted light is also one of those things you are really glad to have when you need it.
    Just my humble opinion.

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    Very Nice Pump Gun. Seeing that one reminds me that I need to take my 870 to the range considering I haven’t fired mine since the late 80’s 😀

  11. I have one with the synthetic stock.
    Got a deal on it barely used many years ago.
    Shoots slugs well out to 50 yards, and not too
    bad at 100.
    Fixing the bayonet changes the point of impact.
    If you have a bayonet you might try shooting it
    with it fixed just for grins.

  12. r- Tactical shotty… 🙂

    Ed- Yep, except on the post, and under the bed.

    Brig- Yep!

    RC- My ‘other’ 590 wears a speedfeed stock, sidesaddle with 5 extra rounds and a Surefire forend with light embedded. This one will reside in the closet in the little gun rack there. 🙂 I’m going to keep it ‘stock’ and am digging through bayonets. I ‘know’ I have one that fits it, I just have to find it…LOL

    Rev- It’s a nicely done one.

    Bob- That would help… Might want to clean the dust bunnies out first… LOL

    Leon- I did that with my other one at a shoot a couple of years ago, and yes it does!

  13. I’m not impressed with pump guns. None of them are designed to keep you from short-stroking. That was the second-most common failure I’ve observed at competitions I have attended. I figure if the pressure/excitement at a game causes experienced shooters to fumble this, how well will they perform on the two-way range?

    The most common was a failure during the “select-slug” engagement. I’m not sure why, but maybe a quarter of the competitors screw this up. Sounds simple, but the end result shows it isn’t.

  14. I like that a lot. A tang safety to me makes a lot more sense than the button on triggerguard. The only place the tang does NOT work is when you have a true vertical pistol grip. Then it slow things considerably.

    I didn’t spot the bayo lug on it before someone above mentioned it. Now thats a backup plan !

  15. Will- Very true! The key is practice. It always comes down to that. I grew up with pumps, and have never owned a semi-auto shotty. I’m loaded buck, buck, slug, slug. Five more buck and one slug in the side saddle.

    JRG- Excellent point, and I had to ‘learn’ to work with that on my other 590.

  16. I will see your Mossberg 590A1 and raise you an Ithaca Model 37 parkerized, factory eight shot magazine, oil finished walnut stock, with a bayonet lug purchased factory new about 1975-76.
    Only one I have ever seen.
    Glad you found one of you bucket list guns.