On the money…

It’s almost like he was prescient, considering what dropped yesterday afternoon…

Sigh… So much of the BS these days… Scott Adams is brilliant, and toons like this cut right to the meat of the situation!


On the money… — 12 Comments

  1. Dems and other Leftists are wholly immune to reality. It’s their defining characteristic.

  2. If the Dems ever admitted they were wrong about the entire collusion idiocy, they would have to explain how they can come with millions of taxpayer $$$ to pay for a special prosecutor, but they can’t come with taxpayer $$ to build a wall/fence/security thingy to keep the golden hordes out.

    Can’t have that now, can we…

  3. Ed- Snerk… Yep…

    McC- This is sadly true!

    Suz- Of course not! Sigh…

    Jim- It’s always their plan!

  4. I’ve been wondering, since about the time of the announcement of the investigation, if President Trump (boy, I sure love saying that!) was running some long con-job on the Dems.

    Stay with me as I adjust my tinfoil hat…

    He (the Pres) had the ability to shut it down from pretty much Day 1, but he didn’t. In fact, he and his openly cooperated and participated, which unfortunately ended up with Gen. Flynn being caught by the slander of the FBI and their lame interview practices (no recordings allowed, in the 21st Century, really? Not a setup, really? Pull the other other other leg…)

    Now that all the info has been collected that should link back to the damned idjits that started it, President Trump (boy, I really really love saying that…) and his people can use said info to attack the real collusionists. And most, if not all, the data was collected and provided by the same collusionists in their lame, barking moonbat attempt to frame President Trump.

    4D chess indeed.

    He can decide to go forward, or just use it as open blackmail material. Much like any rich real-estate tycoon would do in the cesspools of New York (the City) and New Jersey (the State.)


  5. It’s a shining example of the “decibel argument.”
    You say ‘A’.
    They say ‘B’.
    You say ‘A’ because of ‘C’ in the vain hope that logic will prevail.
    They say ‘B’ louder trying to shout you into submission.

    For stubborn asses like me it very seldom works.

    • Best stated by Lucy Van Pelt – “if you can’t be right, be wrong at the top of your voice”.

  6. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn the Washington Post no longer carries Dilbert. Wrong Think will NOT be allowed in the pages of WAPO.