Okay, I got quite a few emails about the new/retro 590A1 and why I wasn’t putting a sidesaddle and light on it…

Here’s why. This is my ‘other’ 590A1. It sits under the bed, ready to go. Speedfeed stock, sidesaddle, Surefire forend.

That’s why this one is going to stay original. And as a backup… One is none, two is one, and the 500 will go back in the safe.

And I’m sorry, but I just can’t resist… 🙂


Follow-up… — 15 Comments

  1. To much in the way on the retro 590. But I was taught old school. No lights and shot placement so no need for the side saddle. The only light we needed was the flash from the shot. To each his own…………

  2. Nice.
    I’d looked at Mossberg’s 930 Tactical some years ago, but I never followed up.

    One of my coworkers had the 590 and he was quite fond of it.

    • I have a 930 (Blackwater edition) SPX. Seems to run fine with anything I feed it. Yeah, Mossbergs are underrated. Lots of folks spend a lot of money on their high dollar shotguns. To each his own. I’d rather spend it on ammo.
      Oh, I just got it because it was a 930. Yeah “Blackwater” gives it more horsepower :). Got it used and at a VERY good price

  3. Yup, that one is fixed for ‘social work’. The back-up 590 is fine the way it is. I am curious though – why is 1st round in Sidesaddle flipped up ? To signal ‘last round – insert more tokens’? :^)

    I hope the Bad Guys in your locale keep their distance – they don’t want to poke the Bear.

    • As to why one is is up, it’s either that it is a different type of load or just an faster reload from empty.

  4. I have a nice tacticool 870. Fits real comfortably on my shoulder. Sling has extra rounds. Seems to work, nice and short enough for housework et al…

    But… now I have some want-jealousy over your precious…

    • Beans,
      I was taught in class not to hang ammo on the sling. Gets in the way of properly using the sling in a non-hunting environment. Plus, the mass acts like a sloppy pendulum, slowing down presentation and badly affecting muzzle swing when tracking targets.
      Spare ammo should be on your belt or on the gun. A small bag slung from a shoulder may be acceptable, as long as you have checked for conflict with gun movements. Better to use a fanny pack type so it stays in place.
      Another problem with ammo on the sling is that it can get caught on furniture and such as you move around your house. The sling itself is normally not the problem, it’s the lump that gets trapped between items.
      Also, wait until you get smacked by it as you move in a rush when time is critical.

  5. MP- That’s the way I learned too… Grandpa, grandma, mother all knew how to use a shotty!

    John- I lurve the tang safety!

    Craig- I’ve never played with/shot a semi-auto shotty. The ONLY thing I use them for is home defense and three gun back in the day.

    jrg/Ratus- Upright one is a slug, the others 04 buck.

    Beans- Nothing wrong with an 870!

    RHT- Those are pretty nice, from what I hear! And definitely cheaper than Surefire!

  6. The 590’s are excellent. Fast, accurate, lethal. Just like you, Old NFO!