Rimworld- JACE…

It’s ‘almost’ alive…

Started as a short story, it kept growing and is now a novella at 17600 words, thanks to my alpha and beta readers… LOL

And Tina has done a super job as always on the cover!

Hopefully it will be up by the end of the week!


Rimworld- JACE… — 12 Comments

  1. I’ll just chip in and say I look forward to purchasing a copy.

  2. Yea!! New reading material for the weekend.

    Then we need to write a review, right?

  3. Money is a waiting.

    Need to sort out how many of your books I have and in what order they should be read. I think I have all of them but have to check the Kindle.

    You may have already posed such a list, but if there is one, would love to see it.

    Long space operas are fun but I get muddled up on the 13th or 40th book in the series with certain of the more prolific authors.

  4. Terra- Only 2 so far in Rimworld- Into the Green, and Militia Up. Doubt that I’ll EVER get to that number in a series…LOL