Well, it appears they last two days of posts about Slow Joe have once again brought the ire of the @#[email protected]%(* spamholes…

Normally, I get 2-4 a day… 49 on Tuesday, and 130 yesterday…

I’d love to know who points the scammers at bloggers who are independent or conservative when they blog something that the whackos on the left disagree with…

Between the dick ads, pron ads, and crap like this-

.Sabi ko sa sarili ko, di ko pa nga nakakalahati ang 1001 books, aabalahin ko ang sarili ko sa sinulat mo at ni hindi kita kilala, eh mahalaga ang sandali sa buhay ko lalo na’t sandamakmak pa ang puwede kong basahing libro sa baha. [url=http://www.the-best-book-source.crabbylove.com/communications-ebooks-free-download/decitre-23-2490-les_rC3AAves_de_grandeur_de_laurette.pdf]Jodi ComptonJodi Compton, like Hailey Cain,[/url] Nothing short of a truly amazing set of books, fantastic play on the plot and great life like characters.When this book was

At least this one was in Engrish, I also had Kanji, Russian, probably Chinese, and at least one in Arabic. And before you ask, I didn’t try to translate them, probably full of malware.

ELEVEN @$#%! pages of that crap, it took about 20 minutes to clean out the spam box.




  1. What is also interesting is how conservative news aggregators, blogs, etc. also seem to have more trouble and are slower loading than mainstream sites. I haven’t really studied it, so it could be perception bias, but it is quite consistent.

  2. The only spam I ever get is someone selling something like “Feel Good Massages”. They used to sneak in on the older post. Those are now moderated if they’re older than 7 days old.

  3. Ain’t it great to be loved?

    They took time out from their plans for world domination to send you love letters. Maybe they just realized that you and your readers represent a significant obstacle to their plans!

  4. Kind of makes one long for the days of the emails from a Nigerian prince asking for $$ which he will repay ten-fold if you give him ten million, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚

  5. It’s the basement boys who have quit looking for work so have lots of time to impress their fellow non-workers.

  6. “The first matter transmission device was not made for disaster relief or emergency medicine transfers, despite popular claims. What really happened was a group of somewhat less than sober physicists and engineers had had enough of waiting for their pizza to be delivered and this had become a Problem. They attacked the Problem and Solved it – the bang at the pizzeria and the lab from uncompensated atmospheric displacement was solved shortly after. The second use of the device was send “cut it out” notes to spammers, once their actual location was worked out and confirmed. The third use was when the spammer ignored those. Despite rumor, no explosive charges were actually transmitted. Instead, sets of very large beach balls were sent – with the atmospheric compensators carefully disengaged.”

    – Teleportation, A History.

  7. On the Biden front, I will note that years back I heard a first-hand account of his creepy touching. A friend of a cousin was a young State Department staffer working overseas when Biden came to visit. Despite the fact she was a big fan of the Obama regime, she nevertheless described how weird she found Biden’s behavior, and how uncomfortable it made her feel. It does not surprise me that more such stories are popping out of the woodwork.

  8. Orvan wins the thread. What a story, and there’s enough basis in reality about pizza to make it plausible. The first food used in a microwave oven, accidentally, was a chocolate bar in the engineer’s shirt pocket. The second use, and first deliberate one, was popping popcorn.

    • Thread? Heck, I think he won today’s Internet! πŸ™‚ And somewhere, Douglas Adams is grinning broadly and saying, “Well done, my spiritual son.”

      • Thank you, most kindly. “Winning” a thread, or the Internet is one thing, but to have perhaps put a smile on Douglass Adams’ face is a grand compliment indeed.

  9. Popularity comes with a price. You get as many visits a day as I get in a month. The spammers generally leave me alone. Too small potatoes to be bothered with.

  10. I have the same problem with my site, fortunately I have key word block and that handles most of it. I have β€œ.ru” blocked and that alone takes care of around 70% of my spam.