Boosting the signal!!!

Our friend John Van Stry is suing a pirate site and the web host for offering free downloads of his books, violating copyright.

He’s tried all the other legal means, including takedown notices, registered letters, etc. and has been ignored, so he’s going after them in court, which is not cheap.

The two behind this are truly scumbags, and deserve to be behind bars at the least. If you’ve got a few spare bucks, I know John would appreciate the help, as this suit will probably run him $30-40,000 JUST to get them into court. And John’s writing IS his  sole income, so he’s deadly serious about this, as they have quite a few of his books up, which is taking money out of his pocket.


Boosting the signal!!! — 10 Comments

  1. Kicked in. It’s his intellectual property not the scumbags. I hope the judge gives him lots of their money.

    • Just went to Amazon and bought one of his books on Kindle. I’m not yet familiar with his work, but am willing to take the chance if this helps him out.

  2. Sounds like it may be time to bring back public floggings. Just taking their cash won’t deter them for a second from doing it again under another fake name. Take their ill gotten gains and whip them thoroughly and they’ll at least think before doing it again. I’ll put my money where my mouth is as soon as I have some to put.

  3. Jim- Thanks on both counts!!!

    Tole- If only… I can think of other more permanent ways to handle it… grumble…

  4. Kicked in for John’s fund, because I like his books too. After a fair trial, take these two down to Execution Dock, so they understand just what a pirate’s fate really is.

  5. On the day you get them in court, be prepared to follow them to their place of abode. Then just take care of business when the time comes. Sounds as though they will not be missed !

    This also has to happen to a few of these outright crooked congress critters to get the attention of the rest of them! THEY NEED TO KNOW THEY WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!

  6. Bought one of his books on your recommendation.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Since the pirate site is/appears located in Canada, how can a US court do anything to them?

    Kicked in a few bucks. Hoping something can be done, and I wouldn’t shed a tear if they took a long walk off a short pier.