GPS reset…

Today, at 0000Z, the GPS constellation will roll over as it resets the week number back to all zeros…

Thus, the WN parameter in the GPS navigation message “rolls over” to zero every 1024 weeks starting from 0000Z January 6, 1980. The next WN rollover will occur April 6, 2019. The IS-GPS-200H interface specification identifies both the ten bit WN parameter and the WN rollover events. A GPS device that conforms to the latest IS-GPS-200 and provides UTC should not be adversely affected.

DHS bulletin is HERE.

So if your GPS suddenly thinks you’re in New Mexico, or Virginia, hopefully it will fix itself after a bit…

YMMV and Location… may vary… Just sayin’ 🙂


GPS reset… — 22 Comments

  1. So, keep an eye out for accidents involving automated driving experiments today?

    • Automation ‘usually’ works, 2Lts (or Ensigns) not so much.

  2. Tesla’s turning somersaults. (Other makes are available.)

    • Ditto. I used GPS in airplanes. It liked to add moments of interest to the flight. Maps don’t do that.

        • The Smarter Half and I routinely make 3K to 5.5K mile trips with nothing but a Rand-McNally and compass. We’ve added a Michelin atlas as its format allows ease of plan. Kept the R-M for its larger scale.

    • Not me – I try to collect the state maps when I go to new states – the batteries never run out on them. I’ve even been known to get the latest offerings from AAA 😉

  3. My truck (and GPS) is in the shop until Monday. Hopefully I will be okay when it starts back up… or not.

  4. Bob- Probably!

    PK- Snerk…

    Frank- We shall see…

    WSF/Brig/TXRed- Y’all and me both! I’ve seen GPS ‘wander off’ before…

    CP- If it’s a Garmin, you ‘might’ have a problem.

    • Oh No – the one in my car seemed okay earlier to day – bu then again both of my destinations were well known to me!

  5. Robert- From what ‘I’ understand, Garmins may not be compliant with the January 5, 1980 original zero day date.

    • Oh, boy….the GPS that Kenwwod used in my Nav Receiver in the Jeep is a Garmin.

      Glad to have a couple of Magellan and Motorola units for back-up!

    • Garmin’s website claims “the vast majority of Garmin products” are unaffected. I gave them feedback that a little more specificity would be nice…

  6. drjim- Oh boy… I know the Magellan and Motorola units use the correct zero day date.

    Robert- Interesting…