PP (paramedic daughter) is getting royally screwed over by workman’s comp in northern California for an on the job injury.

Between the misdiagnosis of her foot issue (she walked around on a broken foot for three months), the lack of updating when the doctor FINALLY admitted that (never updated WC record of diagnosis), diagnosis of lower back pain as ‘strained’, and now WC refusal for MRI to try to determine further extent of injuries including why she has circulation issues in the foot, reduction of the physical therapy, cutting of pain meds, and her finally getting her own appointment for an ortho consult for her back (also denied by WC), she’s looking for a lawyer to talk to.

So if any of you folks on the left coast know a GOOD workman’s comp lawyer around Sacramento, or an investigative reporter that’s interested in a story about how paramedics get treated by the system, let me know and I’ll pass it along.

If I could afford it, I’d have already paid for the best damn lawyers I could find, but I simply can’t do that. She just wants to get fixed and get back to work. She’s frustrated, bored, and tired of hurting every damn day.

Thanks in advance for any information.


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  1. I know no lawyers in that locale, but I wish her luck in her endeavour. It really sucks when the insurance company tries to weasel out of paying out their obligations when their customer becomes injured.

  2. Sorry, and I know how frustrating it is for our kids to hurt and we can do nothing about it. My first suggestion is to move out of CA. My second suggestion is to fill out the medical WC papers stating she is illegal, that seems to be the ticket in CA. Hope she gets a good attorney and comes out well.

  3. When I was on the FD in Illinois it was common knowledge that if you got hurt on the job your first phone call was to a lawyer. WC’s main job is to deny claims. I hope she gets her situation straightened out.

  4. Nothing I can suggest or do from this side of the pond. Please pass on my very best wishes for her full and prompt recovery.

  5. I never filed for workman’s comp in CA, but their actions in regard people under my management prevue were despicable in the extreme. I could rant about specifics if it would make you or your daughter feel better. But you’re in the same boat with a lot of other people who are treated most unfairly. I will share one example.

    CG, a police officer, on duty, in uniform, in a marked police car, initiated a traffic stop, called it in, etc. The stop was as routine as one can get. As he walked up to the car, the driver exited and shot him twice in the face with a .45ACP and drove away. CG was hit in the cheek and another round sliced his eyebrow, entered and exited his skull.

    Motorists witnessed the event and notified the police department, emergency medical procedures were instituted and he lived and ultimately returned to work. His face was messed up, but CG wasn’t really a pretty boy to begin with.

    Workman’s Comp and the city took the position that it was completely CG’s fault, when there was NOTHING to suggest that was the case. Many years later, the matter was decided in his favor, but not without living through workman’s comp hell. Eventually he was promoted to sergeant and service retired. You simply have to out-last the bastards.

  6. First, I have zero knowledge of anyone in CA. That said, someone at a low to middle level in the WC office hates their job and management. Find that person take them to lunch or dinner, and ask them what law firm their bosses hate.

    Who can find that person or persons? She, being an EMT, is plugged into the LEO community. That is a place to start.

  7. All- Thanks for the support and comments. WSF- Good plan, I’ll pass it along!

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  8. I put this into Yelp as best workmen comp atty in Sacramento and it brought up 5 with 4/5 stars. So it might be a start. I wish her all the best.

  9. I would do a google maps drive down the expressway and watch for billboards, but I doubt that is the best plan of action. 🙂

  10. I know an excellent WC lawyer, but he’s in SoCal.

    Drop me an email and I’ll send you his contact info. He might know somebody in NorCal who can help.

  11. All- Thanks, at this point we have four to work with. And one possible TV reporter interested. I truly appreciate everyone’s help on this!

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  12. Back issues after foot injury -not surprising. She’s been walking off kilter and that throws a lot of the rest of the body off.

    Hope she gets this straightened out.

  13. Standard procedure for worker’s comp providers is to delay, delay, delay.
    The purpose of this is to stretch and strain the worker’s finances until they are desperate to settle their claim because of pressing bills.
    WC will also routinely deny tests and procedures that private doctors would readily authorize.
    She does need an attorney.

  14. PH- Three months walking on a broken foot… sigh

    Waepn- WOrking on it, trust me! This BS is RIDICULOUS! Hell, I get better service, quicker, from the VA!

  15. Where does she live? I am a WC defense atty in Nor Cal and can send you some names if she is in Nor Cal. All Cal WC claimant Atty’s work on a contingency.

    • WC defense cases are seriously paperwork heavy, and an important part of an attorney’s being a good at it is to manage that part of it well. And make sure that your daughter’s treating doctors are not only clinically competent but bureaucratically competent too.

      Years ago I took on a patient already on WC appeal. He wasn’t doing too well initially but finally, slowly, started getting better. At that point he was stopped at a stop sign at the bottom of an off ramp and rear ended by someone doing about 50 mph. Not surprisingly, many of his old problems returned as well as new ones appearing. The WC carrier and the auto insurance carrier each began insisting that the other one was responsible for all the subsequent treatment.

      After a couple of years of this he settled. He told me that he was sure he could have gotten a lot more money but that he wanted to move on and not have to spend the next two years of his life invested in proving how messed up he was.

  16. I hope she gets things fixed soon.
    Workers Comp sucks, to say the least.

    I dealt with them in South Carolina