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We and the Left are now two nations within one country.  This is undeniable.  We are now so different that we cannot even agree on what a country is, or on the merits of a country having a border.  The number of people who still say, “I just don’t care about politics” dwindles.  It is still possible to hate both sides — but it is getting hard to be indifferent and still be breathing.

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Troubled times are ahead, and I really don’t think the left realizes the potential harm they are doing by refusing to negotiate on anything…

I pray this doesn’t go further downhill, but I’m about to the point that I’m honestly afraid for America continuing as a sovereign nation in my lifetime.


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  1. I agree. It seems as if Trump’s election has frozen the ‘compromise to get things done’ thought. All I hear from politics is ‘Stop Trump’ rather than ‘Forget about him, what legislation can we pass that WORKS !’

    The gulf between the Left and Right I don’t think has ever been so wide. Wide enough that I wonder if 9/11 were to occur again, we could come together as we did back then.

  2. Amen, my brother.
    You can beat a dog and beat a dog, and at some point he’ll get tired of being beaten.
    His demeanor may then surprise you.
    My “leaders” are doing things with my hard-earned tax dollars that sicken me.
    I’m just about tired of being beaten.

  3. Turchin’s social stress analysis was that the country is at levels not seen since the early 1860s; my guess is also the late 1850s. Everything just goes along … until it doesn’t.

  4. The local government elected officials (mayor and city council) who decided to become scofflaws by declaring their city to be a ‘sanctuary city’ in direct defiance of Federal law should be arrested by Federal law enforcement officers and locked up in Guantanamo for 90 days or so. While they’re cooling their heels, either the state government or the federal gov’t should appoint a small group to manage the city and comply with immigration law.

    Two things would be achieved here. One, illegals would leave the city in droves – we could catch ’em on the way out. Two, maybe more importantly, an action like this would take the starch right out of these progressive moonbats. These people behave badly because there are no consequences to their behavior except reelection. Make it clear to them that they’ll be arrested should they choose to defy federal law, and they’ll start behaving themselves.

    I’m no historian by any means, but I’ve studied various wars and I enjoy board games – including the reenactment or refighting of various battles. I understand enough about civil war to know that it should be avoided. Our first civil war was avoidable, it wasn’t, and look at the damage it left behind. Anyone who espouses civil war should spend a year or two either studying history, or living in Zimbabwe and watching the fallout firsthand.

    In reality, I sincerely doubt that much of any real substance will happen. There might be a few isolated incidents, but as far as several States seceding from the union, no. I don’t think that will happen in my lifetime.

  5. Good article, however the author makes a distinction between D and R, when in reality, or behind the curtain if you will, there’s not 15 cents worth of difference between the two groups, and there hasn’t been for several decades. The primary goal of those in the political system is to perpetuate the system, because to do otherwise would result in loss of influence, or telling people what to do and how to live, and to a politician that’s kryptonite.

  6. I’ve seen more recognition that the assumption that all humans are people is a cultural or religious preference. It has no power where religious and cultural preferences are entirely rejected. All humans are people is used to justify calls to ignore religious and cultural preference, but selectively, by people who want to ignore yours, and follow theirs.

    The religious socialists and gaianists are eager that we pay the tithe in human misery that their churches demand, and will not tolerate us denying those faiths. They do not see that forcing us to pay out that human misery compromises their ability to also demand of us concessions for the sake of easing human misery. The sheer scale of the demand naturally raises the stakes to mass murder.

    The question should not be ‘will there be war’. The question is ‘what assumptions made peace possible in the first place’ and ‘is there anything we can do to preserve and reestablish these assumptions’.

    People right aligned are pissed that the left has been counting coup on the right using ‘rules for radicals’. The alt-right is basically about counting coup on the left. The problem is, a lot of the hypocrisy that is possible to call out on the left is very difficult to call out by arguing from a position that would lead to a desirable society.

    I dunno.

  7. There isn’t going to be any Antietam/Gettysburg style of civil war. The fault lines run through apartment buildings, neighborhoods, and families. Red states aren’t red, and blue states aren’t blue; they’re all varying shades of purple.
    Ain’t gonna be no seceding in that environment, because once the ball opens, neither side can nor will allow the other to exist peacefully.

    It’s all going to look like Stalingrad.
    War to the knife, knife to the hill, and only one side left standing when it’s over. And horrible and tragic as that is, either we’ll be forever free, or freedom will be buried forever.

    One side will be Rome, and one side Carthage, in an existential war of survival.
    By necessity.

    • We have 200 million whites. (We can safely ignore all other races, for they are not Americans.) 30% of these consider themselves to be Leftists. 40% consider themselves to be Rightists. The remaining 30% are fence sitters, politically naive, or rightists too afraid to answer the polls honestly.

      So, Our country of 320 million must be whittled down to a nation of 140 million souls. We will lose millions accomplishing this necessary task. If we end up with 120 million patriots (our WWII population), it will be a miracle. If we end up with 90 million patriots (WWI population), it will be a victory.

  8. H. Beam Piper had some things to say about this in his 1963 novel Space Viking. Otto Harkaman and Lucas Trask are discussing recent political events on the planet Marduk (based strongly on Great Britain), where a man called Zaspar Makann has become Chancellor.

    [Harkaman:] You were there; you saw what’s happening. The barbarians are rising; they have a leader, and they’re uniting. Every society rests on a barbarian base. The people who don’t understand civilization, and wouldn’t like it if they did. The hitchhikers. The people who create nothing, and who don’t appreciate what others have created for them, and who think civilization is something that just exists and that all they need to do is enjoy what they can understand of it—luxuries, a high living standard, and easy work for high pay. Responsibilities? Phooey! What do they have a government for?”

    Trask nodded. “And now, the hitchhikers think they know more about the car than the people who designed it, so they’re going to grab the controls. Zaspar Makann says they can, and he’s the Leader.” […] “I don’t understand it, though. I was reading about Hitler, on the way home. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zaspar Makann had been reading about Hitler, too. He’s using all Hitler’s tricks. But Hitler came to power in a country which had been impoverished by a military defeat. Marduk hasn’t fought a war in almost two generations, and that one was a farce.”

    [Harkaman:]”It wasn’t the war that put Hitler into power. It was the fact that the ruling class of his nation, the people who kept things running, were discredited. The masses, the homemade barbarians, didn’t have anybody to take their responsibilities for them. What they have on Marduk is a ruling class that has been discrediting itself. A ruling class that’s ashamed of its privileges and shirks its duties. A ruling class that has begun to believe that the masses are just as good as they are, which they manifestly are not. And a ruling class that won’t use force to maintain its position. And they have a democracy, and they are letting the enemies of democracy shelter themselves behind democratic safeguards.”

    Space Viking is available on Gutenberg, BTW.

  9. All- Thanks for the comments. Couldn’t agree more. And a friend sent me this, which falls right in with what folks are saying-


    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

  10. Argh, I need to listen to the Norman and the Saxon again on youtube, don’t I.

    Either Zinn’s history is correct, in which case according to our culture it is right and proper that we be racist and imperialist. Or it is incorrect, and my father’s generation, and father’s father’s generation deserve some credit for not being willing to pay what it would have cost to continue segregation. Perhaps even acknowledgement that whites are not a uniform anything.

    • The past no longer matters, if we wish to have a future.
      The Constitution has been dead for 86 years.