Resquiat en pacem…

The last Doolittle Raider has passed away.

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Richard “Dick” Cole, the last surviving member of World War II’s Doolittle Raiders, died Tuesday in Texas at the age of 103.

The president of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Association told The Air Force Times that Cole died in San Antonio on Tuesday morning with his son and daughter by his side.

Full article, HERE. Another article, HERE from Air Force Times.

A window on one of the first successes of WWII against Japan is now closed. They were all volunteers, and none of them considered that they had done anything ‘special’. They just did their jobs.

Hand Salute!

Ready, Two.


Resquiat en pacem… — 6 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO;

    I ain’t gonna rehash the effect that the “Doolittle raid” did. All I can say that when times were extraordinary, ordinary men did extraordinary things. they clanked when they walked. We are lessened by their passing.

  2. Several years ago my son had the privilege of interviewing Col. Cole for a school project. It opened his eyes to how truly great the Greatest Generation was.

  3. Bob- Excellent point!

    Tim- That must have been special! Kudos to your son for getting that interview!