First up-

Members of Congress allegedly sexually harassed night shift custodial staff while they cleaned their offices. Sexual harassment prevention training went off the rails. And the Architect of the Capitol has no unified system for effectively tracking complaints and resolutions of sexual harassment cases.

Full article, HERE at Roll Call. And even worse, apparently some departments refused to cooperate with the investigation. I’m reminded of the statement, ‘Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.’ Sigh…

And it appears that Bridezilla is alive and well… again, still???

One angry bride claims one of her bridesmaids owes her a $30,000 “do-over” for the big day, alleging that the “hugely pregnant” friend stole the show with her “electric personality” and “tall, incredibly attractive” husband.

Full article, HERE. My question is, if you ‘knew’ she was pregnant and had a great looking hubby, why the hell did you make her a bridesmaid or even make her part of the wedding party? D’oh!!! Sigh…

And in the karma bites category, we have AOC getting slapped down yet again…

Suck It Up, Cupcake: Ocasio-Cortez Was Triggered By The NY Post’s Response To Ihan Omar’s 9/11 Remarks

Full article, HERE… She DESERVES to have that rubbed in her face, along with Omar and they other one, Talib… 3000 people died that day, due to radical muslim extremists. NOT somebody did something… @#$#%$!



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  1. SMDH. Another of my favorite quotes is “A government is a body of people usually—notably—ungoverned.” I use it A LOT, especially when discussing government with my offspring.

  2. The US Capitol has been a “Payton Place” of sexual shenanigans since it was built. The only difference now is that people seem to be offended by it. And for what it’s worth, the Kremlin and every other seat of power on the planet is plagued by the same behavior. People are attracted to power and power corrupts.

  3. We were happy that one of Jackie’s Bridesmaid was preggers. She drove us into town to get beer for the after party.

  4. Tole- Excellent point!

    LL- So true, and those ‘rumors’ have been around for years!

    Mack- LOL, different folks…

    WSF- Amen.

  5. AOC needs to remember 2 things:

    the first is that white is a color also.

    The second is that the FIRST bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 was done by Radical Muslim terrorists who were trying to kill thousands of people to make a statement.

    And a third is that she is no longer in college anymore, this world, that she CHOSE to play in, is REALITY. There are no kid gloves, no one gives a damn about her tender feelings. So she really does need to either suck it up, or shut up. And that is the best thing I have seen in the NY post in a while…just saying!

    I am just sooo done with this nonsense!!! Kicking the rant box back in the corner…

  6. Omar… sigh.

    3,000 people died that day. Many others have died since, just from that day. There are people everywhere who are dying from the after-effects of working on The Pile and The Pentagon. Not to mention the people who died inside themselves that day as loved ones disappeared.

    I might have had some sympathy for AOC except… she was alive and in New York when the Towers fell. No excuse. No excuse at all. Good on the NYSlimes for TKOing both the stupid idjits (took a full minute not to call them other bad, very bad, really bad names. But I am sure y’all can fill in the hidden blanks…)


    Impeach both, no, all three of them. Tlaib has double-downed on both Omar’s and AOC’s stupidity.

    Can’t swear to protect and defend the Constitution? Get the hell out, via a Federal Prison.

    Same goes for all the illegal alien lovers in Congress. Protect and Defend the Constitution, and by inference, the Citizens of this nation. Not your pocketbooks. Release all taxes of everyone. Let’s find out how a high level civil-servant has managed to amass fortunes on a moderate salary that is supposed to be also used to pay their way.

    We need more Trumps, people who work because they want to, not because they see it as a Golden Ticket to a Free Ride Forever.

    Suz’ soapbox kicked into another corner, followed by one Ranting Fatman whacking it into little pieces, setting it on fire, smashing the flaming pieces into smaller pieces, grinding the remaining charcoal into a fine powder, rolling his own black powder (what? never made your own BP? Just remember to corn it…) and then shooting what little is left of said soapbox up some certain persons’ bum…. GAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

    • Darn it Beans, now I have to saw some lumber and build another soap box…good rant tho’…lol.

    • I love the NY Post. They leave no sacred cow – or political figure – un-skewered. I don’t always agree with them, but I admire their nerve and honesty.

  7. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN)
    Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI)
    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

    I don’t know much about the first two, but AOC is stupid, literally. Her IQ is probably around 85 or so, which makes her incapable of understanding the issues she’s talking about, right along with what she’s saying, or more accurately, what she’s been told to say.

  8. Bridezilla was planning her wedding for three years. I’d lay money the marriage wil be shorter than that.

    • He’s probably already looking at escape clauses and digging a tunnel. A friend of the family got married because he realized too late that the bride came with Momzilla and if he bailed, it would be a breach of contract lawsuit. The marriage was annulled after two months and he fled.

  9. Suz- Point(s) well made! 🙂

    Beans- NO disagreement here…

    TXRed- Agreed!

    MJ- One wonders HOW she actually graduated college…

    JMI- Snerk… probably!

    TXRed- Ouch! 🙂

  10. NFO,when the new ice age strikes all will be forgotten under the glacier, or lava flow. Still, Omar’s pretty special.

    VP for Biden 2020?

  11. I never want to hear the phrase “My special day” ever again.