Dusty in here… — 14 Comments

  1. “Bigger than basketball.” Man, what an epitaph. Yeah, must be the pollen….

  2. Good for him!

    Good for Bud for recognizing a positive role model!

    Dusty for sure!!

  3. This, this is what sports ‘heroes’ are supposed to be. And so often aren’t.

    And too often we only hear about the un-heroes.

    Thanks for finding and sharing this with us.

    Sometimes we all need a little help. And knowing there are good people out there helps.

  4. Thanks, I know in my heart there are still great people here, it just needs to be shown every now and then, thanks Russell

  5. Don’t mind my wife and me.
    We’ll just sit over here in the corner and sob.
    Good man and good job Budweiser.

  6. Lord Acton is the one who said that power corrupts. In the very next sentence he said that most Great Men are also Bad Men. Mr. Wade is the exception to that rule.