I know most of y’all aren’t golfers, so you can ignore this post. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a good rifle range spoiled and all that… Sigh… πŸ™‚

Tiger Woods won his 5th Masters tournament, and 15th major tournament yesterday. He won the 1st Masters 22 years ago, and his 4th 14 years ago! In between he’s had four back surgeries, at least one knee surgery, and basically spent three years out of the game.

Many said he was done, and would never win again, much less win a major again.

His work ethic, getting his head straightened out, and hours and hours of practice had those naysayers eating their words yesterday.

Article HERE. And the Masters website also has some great pics and a couple of stories, but you’ll have to look it up, since they prohibit links directly to them.

If nothing else, this once again proves the old adage, Old age and cunning (and local course knowledge) will overcome youth and skill every time. πŸ™‚


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  1. Good for him! I just hope that now he has his head straightened out, he keeps it that way.

  2. Golf is wonderful! It ensures a reserve of easily spotted landmarks and emergency landing spots in highly built up areas!

    All not-entirely-kidding aside, that’s really awesome. Good for Tiger, and here’s to him keeping on being the dad he wants his kids to see!

  3. Suz- I think he does.

    Gerry- That was special!

    Wing- LOL, that too! And his kids got to see him win a major, especially nice after last year at the British Open!

  4. I think that old saw is “Old age and treachery overcomes youth and enthusiasm.” Or youth and whatever.

    I’ve played golf before and enjoyed it. Some players get all bent out of shape over the game, unlike old Thunder Bolt. I never did.

  5. I have only played golf two times, once in Gitmo and once in Fla. During the season though, we always have the tv going with whatever tournament is on. I have ALWAYS been a fan of Tigers since he came on the scene. Was a little bent about all his problems, but hey everyone has to live there own lives. Been watching him get better and better over the last year or so and I was absolutely ecstatic to watch his resolve as he won that game yesterday!! Good on ya mate!!

  6. There was a billboard I saw once promoting the state lottery which said “Like golf, only fun!” Ha!

    If Harrison Ford can make an unplanned, unpowered landing on a golf course, then it isn’t a total waste of land.

  7. MJ- Yep, another version of it!

    Ev- I play a mean game of ‘flog’…sigh. And yes, glad to see him get all his s**t in one sock and come back to win.

    Robert- LOL, True, Ford was GLAD to see that golf course.

  8. Shooting showed me why people like golf. They are much alike. But golf is quieter.

    Woods wrecked his reputation, had numerpus physical problems, hit absolute bottom, but turned it all around. It was a triumph.

  9. Well done, Tiger.

    I’m tryingto make sense of Paris, perhaps there isn’t any?

  10. I’ve never played a round of golf myself but have walked courses several times with friends that do play. I can understand the allure – good excuse to get out of the house, get a little exercise, chew the fat with friends, challenge yourself to get better at something, etc. But as you alluded to, every time I walk a course I keep thinking about how I’d make a different kind of shot – my friends would hit the balls, I’d then hit the balls with a 7.62 or 5.56 round… after estimating the range, etc. Now that would be fun!

  11. In between he’s had four back surgeries, at least one knee surgery, and basically spent three years out of the game.