Little road trip…

Had to go down to Austin for a couple of meetings, so made the obligatory stop at the Texas Rangers Museum. Two ‘new’ things caught my eye…

This 44 special was carried by CAPT Frank Probst, Company C,  from 1945 into the 1960s. Anybody else notice the resemblance to the Fitz Special work on the trigger guard?

And this one is a REAL Bowie knife, presented to William Lacey after his Ranger service in the 1830s. The knife is attributed to Rezin Bowie!

And there was the obligatory stop at Bucee’s. You really have to see it to believe it. It’s a MEGA convenience store… It is huge! This is the ‘short’ side of the building… And has the cleanest restrooms I’ve ever seen!

There were three bus loads of kids in there, and you don’t even see them… This pic was down the length of the store, and I was probably 20 yards from the back end of the store!!!

I’ll be off to my meetings by the time you read this. Have a good day!


Little road trip… — 13 Comments

  1. Aw yeah man, gotta stop at Buc-cees for some snacks like beef jerky. Though some of the custom ‘meat stores’ in New Braunfels will give Buc-cees a run for their money. Gasoline courts are spacious too, you can square dance between the cars (or at least line dance) there.

    Have an awesome time in Austin.

    • It really is, WSF.

      And you can’t beat their meat…unless you’re in Austin.

  2. Buccee’s is a legend in Texas. We have gone on day trips and that was out destination lol.

  3. Those of us up here just look at pics like those and sigh. We don’t have many really large stores because of the price of shipping things to Alaska. Only the national chains can afford it, and even then we’re at the end of the supply line; selection is limited and much of it is the stuff that didn’t sell, last year.


  4. So, if I ever find myself in Austin, I should go to the Rangers’ museum?

    • The Rangers museum is in Waco, just off I-35. And yes, it’s well worth the stop or even a separate trip. There are all sorts of Rangers artifacts, including guns from famous Rangers as well as from some of the criminals they brought to justice – think Bonnie and Clyde. There is a beautiful Remington Model 8 fully engraved that was presented to Frank Hamer with his name in gold. And another of my favorites is a fully engraved chrome plated Browning HiPower, but I don’t remember which ranger it belonged to. Great place to spend a couple of hours wandering around.

  5. Looks like a fun road trip, NFO!

    I always enjoyed the time I spent in Texas. Good people, GREAT food!

  6. AFAIK the ‘original’ Bucee’s is the one in Luling but there are now at least 3 more that I know of: Bastrop, New Braunfels, and the one on I-35. And yes, they all advertise that they have the cleanest restrooms around 😉

    • There is another Buc-cees on Hwy 59 between Victoria and Houston near Wharton. A favored restroom break for my wife and daughter when traveling that way.

  7. Our son moved to Austin this year. Visited twice. Will have to hit the BBQ joint next time there. And yes Buccee’s is a must stop even though our son works for Quiktrip. Went to Waco for the wife won’t say why, saw the ranger museum sign but no time available will definitely stop next time. Will have to hit the catfish joint next time I visit the cousins ranch near Waurika.