Stand up… — 11 Comments

  1. The video didn’t download, but I hope that you had a happy Easter, Old NFO.

  2. There are also cemeteries overseas filled with our dead.

    Thank you for finding this wonderful, tear-inducing video.

    Mayhaps I need to watch more rodeo…

  3. OutSTANDing Video NFO! Thank You, Sir. I am really loving your Grey Man Series. Just finishing #3, and have #4 at the end of the runway. #5 is on deck, just finished Hot Pit refuel ops, and munitions reload. All systems check good.

    Had a Hot Shot USAF Pilot, once upon a time, writeup my jet (RF-4C TEREC), Zwiebrucken, AB, Germany, 03/1981) with “I.F.F. does not work in O.F.F. Mode. Signed off writeup w/ “Remove and Replace Stick Actuator, Ops Check Good.”