Words, they mean things…

The dems obviously get their talking points emailed every morning, and probably anytime ‘something’ comes up…

Re the bombings in Sri Lanka, according to the left, “Somebody did something to somebody.”

Easter worshipers and tourists is the word they ALL used, not a single mention of Christians, nor of the bombing by muslim extremists… Sigh…

Daily Wire has an interesting comparison, HERE of this attack vs. the comments from the NZ attack last month…

Over 4000 Christians were killed last year by terrorists, and a number of churches world-wide were burned down or attempted to be burned last year also. Open Doors UK, HERE, has some interesting data, trends, and links to terrorism against Christians.

I really don’t understand the dem’s/liberal’s/left’s refusal to say Christian or Muslim extremist…





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  1. You need to hand it to the Democrats. The donkeys keep discipline in the ranks and everyone reads from the same talking points. If they go off the reservation, they are shipped off to political oblivion.

    “Easter Worshipers Murdered” is an interesting way to say that Mohammedans slaughtered Christians — but the donkeys keep to the script.

    • Hey, OLD NFO, what if we nuked (tactical nuke) the black meteorite that the Muslims worship in Mecca (not during hajj, so you don’t kill a million of them)? Would that be “somebody somewhere did something to someone?”

      I also found it interesting the Somali-American congresswoman said that we killed 1,000 Somalis during the “Blackhawk Down” action. My reaction was, “That was all we killed, how embarrassing. There must have been more than that.” Sometimes those Army guys can be weak when figuring the body count. It swings with political wind, but in a place like that, you always invoke the law of averages.

      Had I been king (and lucky for the skinnies that I wasn’t), I’d have dispatched every AC-130H in inventory and would have ordered a ship full of 20 MM in to refill the guns, and replacement barrels, and would have placed a round every six inches in Mogadishu. I lost a friend there and another took 3 rounds from an AK-47 in his back and barely survived.

      I need to run for Congress in Arizona so that I can sit on the floor of Congress and call those people to account. Sure, I’d be a one-term hero, but who cares?

      LL for Congress. Send cash only to my exploratory committee…

        • Reading that, it begins to sound like one of Heinlein’s best.


          Now we need to identify who the Bugs are…

          • The Bugs were multitudinous, well armed, organized, and disciplined. Reminds me of the Chinese.

  2. You cannot fix a problem until you accurately identify it.

    Islam declared war on all religions about 650 AD.
    The writings in the koran call for moslems to convert enslave or kill all non moslems. There is no room for any religion in the world, according to the koran.

    Islam is a political death cult, with specific instructions on how to infiltrate societies by lying regarding its true intentions.

    It is not a religion.

    Until islam (small “I” intentionally – because it is NOT a religion) undergoes a reformation, we need to define it accurately as the problem.

    islam declared war on us, and has been waging it on all fronts for 1,400 years.

    When are we going to quit playing defense and start playing offense?

  3. My mama, who was born in 1928, and thus lived through the Depression, WWII, and Korea before I was born in 1953, spoke this phrase to me from time to time:
    “Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!”
    Until today, though, I had never actually heard the music. The World Wide Web has some benefits.

    • Wow. That surprises me some, but perhaps it should not. I’ve been accused of stepping out of (or perhaps being able to get away with stepping into) the 1940’s. Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer is another good one, I think, though perhaps not as.. forceful?

      I had one boss who I might well have spooked as when religious tracts had been anonymously scattered about, he said “Praise the Lord” and I finished the title…

  4. Islam is incompatible with civilization.

    People claim that such a statement is Racist…Yet Islam is NOT a race.

    People claim that it is a bigoted statement…
    Then please identify a single Islamic country that protects and upholds the kind of individual liberty and freedoms found throughout the western democracies…
    Please identify any Islamic country that protects the minorities within their country (even those that oppose the tenants of Islam)…
    Where are the Islamic countries that protect the rights of other religions to proselytize within their countries as all of the western democracies do?

    One last point…
    Are you aware that there is only one world religion that still practices and supports the institution of slavery? Care to guess the name of that religion?

    Islam is incompatible with civilization.

    MSG Grumpy

  5. It is not just an issue with ‘Easter Worshipers.’ It is an issue with attacks on Christianity as a whole.

    Just look at church and cemetery attacks here, in the USA. We hear about southern Black churches and cemeteries being burned or desecrated, not because they are Christian places, but because of the magic of the word ‘Black.’

    Ooooh, 4 ‘black’ churches got burned down or desecrated, because eeeeeeeeevilllll white people (actually, for once, yes, an evil white person did 2 of them. Historically, in the last 20 years, attacks on ‘Black’ churches have been done by other ‘Blacks’ so this current string is very much an outlier.) (as historically occurs in US Black Churches, no, seriously, most attacks on BCs are by their own parishioners either trying to get attention, or insurance, or pissed at the pastor, or the pastor’s wife, or the pastor’s kids, or the pastor’s car…)

    But….. where is the noise and clamor over the 300+ attacks on Catholic churches and cemeteries? Where is the noise and clamor over all the Protestant churches and cemeteries being attacked?

    We only hear a little on attacks of Jewish synagogues and cemeteries, because as soon as the perpetrators are found to be muslim or blacks or black muslims, the stories disappear and are disavowed by the media and ‘our betters’ in government.

    It’s not just in France, where last year over 700 churches were attacked not by their own parishioners. Same with attacks in Spain, England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, any nation not already 100% islamic… Except for Japan, because they don’t allow muslims there.

    It’s almost like there’s some connection to these world-wide attacks… Amazing how much scope of power a bunch of redneck right-wing thugs have.. No?…

  6. The secret is fear. The left — descendants of Marx are simply afraid that they are wrong, that there is a superior Moral Law; that not all things are relative; that they can’t just make up the rules to suit themselves. Christianity is the enemy of all that, and Christians know that these relativist leftists are morally and ethically bankrupt.

    The only way the left can maintain its position is by destroying — by Devil inspired political and legal action (consider Governor Cuomo of New York) when possible, by force when necessary — anyone who dares challenge with them.

    Make no mistake. If once these people get into power, they will try to destroy everyone who disagrees. Freedom of speech is already in serious jeopardy in this country. Freedom of religion is not far behind. Once those two are eliminated, the other freedoms will not be around for long.

    What was that line about “a well armed militia” again?

  7. Day of the rope is near. The Left can keep playing this game, but it’s not going to save them.

    We’re nice until we aren’t.

    • And everyone here is welcome to disavow that statement, I don’t mean to stir any specific shit on Jim’s porch, posted that without thought to the platform. Mea Culpa.

  8. Part of the matter is that some of the alleged thinkers on the left more or less equate ‘black’ with ‘Muslim’.

    More or less consistent with the level of thought and historical perspective that I would expect from African-American studies.

    Editing history always bites you in the end. Fancy media manipulation campaigns likewise.

  9. The left hates Christianity. That puts them on the wrong side of the ledger.

    In the meanwhile, when members of the Tower Hamlets lesbian theater collective find themselves thrown off the nearest tall building, who’re they gonna call, the Sharia Police?