NRA Annual Meeting…

Heading for Indy tomorrow for the NRA Annual Meeting and floorshow… 😉

If you have something you want me to look at/report on, leave the specifics in comments and I’ll do my best to locate the item and give you my thoughts on it.


It’s also a chance to catch up with friends, have at least one good meal, and get my exercise for the week… LOL

As far as I know right now, we don’t have any blogger specific get togethers planned, but if something pops up, I’ll post the info when I get it.


NRA Annual Meeting… — 18 Comments

  1. There is a lot of interest in the newly introduced Ruger Wrangler rimfire revolver. I’d like to read your personal feedback (if possible) about it.

  2. Have fun. I’ll be down at Hurlburt. Harass the guys for me.

  3. Enjoy yourself. I’ll be working the pistol match benefiting the Kansas Special Olympics again. We had 300 shooters last year. If any of you are in the greater Kansas City area Saturday, come on out.

  4. Please read the Henry Knox article linked at Woodpile Report. He talks about corruption bleeding the NRA dry from the inside. I’m a Life member but can’t afford to go. I’d like to know if it’s discussed at the Member meeting or shunted aside.I

    Thanks and enjoy!,

    Retired Cop

    • What RC said. Please find out, if you can, what the holy heck is going on.

      And maybe bring some common sense to the body? Maybe?

  5. Please update on the NRA financial situation that has been all over the web. Would especially be interested in Wayne’s salary vs the money problems.

  6. All- Got your questions, and I’ll work on answers. Also had a request to ask Browning on the BLR and .350 Legend.

  7. I’ll see you Friday AM in the Media Room.

    I figure even there’s not a formal Blogger get-together we can hit a local pub at least once…

    …although I may or may not be bringing along something, if a couple of us want to get together in a room…

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    I ain’t gonna make it, I had to withdraw. I am making plans for Nashville 2020 unless something changes.

    • Wait! They’re back in Nashville next year? I guess HH6 and I will actually visit my folks two years running…
      Who knows, maybe Dad will want to trek into town. (Doubt it, tho’.)

  9. Amanda and I will be there, probably going to walk the floors a bit Saturday AM. Hopefully we’ll see you!

    Will also pack along a bottle that followed me home from Scotland, on the off chance we meet up.

  10. You have fun there, wish I could join you (again). Take care of your feet and back, post lots of pics. Say Hi to Trump get a pic, shake his hand, tell him MAGA!
    Say Hi to the gang for me too.
    Starting a new job (NAS Fallon) doesn’t allow any leave, and I’ve got to get as much as possible from the nearly-retired predecessor in the meantime.
    Nashville (home town) it is, in 2020! Fly/drive/swim/teleport, somehow!