Day 1 wrap…

Owie, my dogs are barking… 5 miles on the floor today… Guess I got my exercise!

I’m calling these the drool worthy shots…

New Colt King Cobra. Comes in .357, 3 inch barrel.

John Pearce is still engraving for Colt, and this is his latest work in progress… He estimates this one will take 200 man hours to finish.Here he is, hard at work.And this is the one he had started last year at NRA. He said this one took 160 hours to finish… Absolutely beautiful!!!

Now for old school… REAL old school… Rock Island has the next two guns. 1873 Winchester gold plated, engraved and signed by John Ulrich sometime in the 1870s.

And here’s the other side of the 1873. Estimated sale price, $50-60000

And a Louis Nimschke engraved SAA Colt, also from Rock Island. It’s really interesting in that this one is sitting next to a ‘normal’ factory engraved SAA, and you can really see the difference in the depth of the scroll work and the quality. Price estimate on this one is $30-40000.

And this one was on another table… Sequentially numbered pair of 12 ga Purdy shot guns from 1898. 30 inch barrels, case hardened, etc… Sigh…

And no, I didn’t drool over them… I couldn’t afford to… Sigh…

Tomorrow is back to the newer things and oddities that catch my interests…


Day 1 wrap… — 8 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO;

    Wow. those are works of art. Remember the advil, you take it BEFORE you start walking around, lol

  2. That King Cobra is nice. I was not aware that they had released that. Follow-on to the Trooper and Python. However, since I’m a Python shooter, I don’t know how you do an encore to that venerable wheel gun.

    Were you in the room when the President and Vice President spoke?

  3. I live vicariously through you.
    Therefore, walk more, more pictures.
    I didn’t feel a thing. 🙂
    Nice to see an exposed hammer on a wheel gun.

  4. LL- I was in the press room, hiding out… LOL We watched it on the feed. The new King Cobra is NOT a Python, but it’s got a decent pull, probably 10lbs on DA.

    Ed- Working on it… sigh

    TXRed- Yep, same boat for me, dang it…

    • To hear some people tell it, Wayne LaPierre changed up the bylaws and who controls the pocketbook so only his inner circle has any real say in how things are run.

      I have no knowledge on any of this, and would appreciate hearing from someone who knows how to look into it.