NRA AM day 2…

Another 2 miles this morning… sigh… Getting my exercise for the week…

Some things of interest, first up is SSP eyewear, although I don’t have a pic, they have some interesting ANSI certified lenses. Their website is HERE. They have ‘cheaters’ built in to either the top, the bottom, or one top one bottom in 1.0 to 3.0 corrections. These are really good for us ‘old farts’ that can’t see the front sights too well anymore.

I tried a pair, and all it took was a slight tilt of the head to bring the cheaters into play.

Other interesting things… A lot of folks don’t realize what goes into actually CNC machining of parts. This is from Choate, the blank, the first cut, and the finished product. About 60% of the original billet is ground away.

The finished product is shown below… Replacement action for a Remington 700.

Spent a couple of minutes talking to Jerry Miculek, as he was walking from one appearance to another. He’s doing well and ‘busy’ to put it mildly. 🙂

Vertex has done something interesting, in that none of their bags now display their label.

The rationale to not make the bags as ‘identifiable’ as tactical bags, and more resemble ‘urban’ (read yuppie) bags carried by a lot of the millennials. I do have one that I bought, and I like it, FWIW…


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  1. I’ve been using SSP eye-wear since early 2016. At that time I was looking for top lens cheater on dominant eye and no cheater on the other eye.They did not have that available at that time. I exchanged a bunch of e-mails with Mike the owner on it. Eventually he was able to offer exactly what I wanted and I own a bunch of them. I love them. Highly recommended!

  2. CNC machining can do incredible things. We had GIANT billets at Boeing that “lost” something like 80% of the raw billet in becoming the finished part.

  3. I live in a neighborhood where it would be unwise to let the wildlife know there might be guns in the house when you’re not home. So none of my gun bags look like gun bags.

    Old laptop bags do fine for pistols. I have a brightly-colored bag that looks like a slightly-oversized Greyhound bag that holds my Remington Model 8 (take-down rifle, Browning designed). But the problem was the Mosin, which is far too large for most bags. I finally found a “golf bag bag”; ie a bag that you put your golf bag into to keep it clean. I guess it makes sense to someone… but it’s just barely long enough to hold a full-length Mosin, even if it’s a bit bulkier than I’d prefer.

    • The local fencing community (wire swords, not chainlink) use the airline roller hard cases for golf clubs/golf bags. They can pack quite a lot of gear in one of those, all the way to 48″ long swords and stuff.

      Checking on the web, and length of a Mosin is 48″.

      Did I mention that the cases have wheels on the bottom?

  4. Tactical RX in Denver made a set of shooting glasses for me with one bifocal on right side, top left of the lens where a pistol front sight would align.

  5. Steve- Yep, they ARE willing to work with you! 🙂

    Drjim- Yep!

    TRX- Yep, the manufactures of bags ARE catching on… LOL

    SPQR- Good to know, thanks!

  6. This reminds me, I need to go over the the place that has CCHL handbags and related. As soon as their road re-opens… Ah, construction season.

  7. Tactical practical. Not sure I could do the sparkle look. But smart concept.