I missed yesterday due to flying home, and there were questions as to what happened in the membership meeting. John has two posts up, HERE and HERE. I signed on to support Tiffany’s letter before I left. I ‘really’ would like to be a little birdie or a fly on the wall in the Monday BOD meeting…

Tam’s coverage is up, HERE.

Ambulance Driver has some posts up on his rambling around the convention, HERE.

TOTW has his posts up HERE.

And although Miggy didn’t make it, he’s been guarding the home fires, so to speak, and tracking what’s been showing up in the MSM over the last few days, HERE.


NRAAM AAR… — 9 Comments

  1. One of the basic questions is “How paranoid is too paranoid?”

    There is a defensible case for coordination between the Boren action and the James action, as well as for complete independence.

    Adam Kraut? Anthony Colandro?

    I’ve started from a position of complete ignorance of the facts and personalities. I’m basically ignorant now.

    Planned action to knock the NRA out of the next election? Severe incompetence or misconduct by the established NRA leadership?

    I do not know what is going on, and do not seem to have any feasible suggestions for all possibilities.

  2. Bob- Excellent questions, and I don’t have any ‘good’ answers! The only one I can come close to answering is that yes, NY is going to do their best to bankrupt/disestablish the NRA before the election!

  3. I’ve been an NRA life member for almost 40 years.
    And I’ve watched internal squabbles destroy other organizations I joined because of the good works they do.
    Power. Control.
    We must remember that sometimes the emperor has no clothes.
    I too am clueless about the politics going on here.