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Brigid Johnson has a new book out- True Course: Lessons from a life aloft.

I was honored to be a beta reader for it, and I will tell you it’s damn good! The kindle version should be available shortly.

As always, click on the cover to go to the book!

The blurb-

From award-winning, best-selling author Brigid Johnson comes the tale of how one woman’s life in the sky forged an unforgettable destiny. Raised in a small factory town in the 1960s, when aviation was predominantly a male profession, with parents who didn’t support her ambitions, Brigid nevertheless learned to fly. Hers was a busy life of setting limits and learning philosophies of growth and risk well beyond her years, even as she juggled two jobs, college, and a rescue Siberian husky whose wandering spirit put her own to shame. From first solo to an airline career, and finally a decision to hang up her wings for another profession when her elderly father needed her care, Brigid captures with understanding, humor, and grace the moments that change the path of our lives. With lyrical expression of her love for flight, she writes old and new stories of family, adventure, and the thrill of taking to the sky. True Course is more than a memoir or a story of the lure of aviation-it’s a story of learning to let the spirit soar and unfurling the wings of personal freedom, an inspiration to adventurers everywhere.

Next up, Peter Nealen’s first in the new series, Escalation- Maelstrom Rising.

The blurb-

A Storm is About to Break…

The mission was straightforward enough. Infiltrate civil-war-torn Slovakia, rescue the hostage, then get out undetected.

Except that it’s not Matt Bowen’s first rodeo. He and his teammates know well just how badly things can go once the metal meets the meat.

But even these hardened combat veterans aren’t ready for what’s about to go down…

A coordinated surprise attack. Massacres in the countryside. The next world war might have just kicked off, in a storm of blood, fire, and betrayal.

Read the visceral, hard-hitting action thriller that will leave your ears ringing!

Peter writes from the grunt’s eye view, and has the background to make it work! He also does his research, and his running and gunning are on the money.

You won’t go wrong with either of these!


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