Random musings…

This weekend once again proved that our ‘tribe’ is a bit different… LOL

From education, or lack thereof, to water law, to irrigation, to cattle, to writing, to Germany and pictures of 13th century houses/hotels, to pay scales, to ‘values’ of paramedics and LEOs compared to trash contractors (who are usually better paid than either of the other groups), to cooking steaks, varieties of cast iron, to writing short stories on spec, or when requested, and on and on…

And those were just a FEW of the conversations I caught bits and pieces of, while another group was clustered between the kitchen and the den, and I know they were talking construction, old vs. new, and refurbishing a home into a B&B, cars, car repairs, plus who knows what else.

The other interesting thing is that we can agree to disagree and NOT get angry at others for different beliefs/ideas because we actually LISTEN to what others say. I don’t think I saw a single person on their cell phone other than taking or making a call the entire weekend! Of course most of us grew up without those ‘conveniences’, so that doesn’t really bother most of us. The young lady that came with her parents was included in the ‘adult’ conversations, and we came away thinking she is one SMART young lady, who can hold her own, and has a good head on her shoulders (credit her and her parents for that).

People drifted from group to group of conversations, munching on the food and, most importantly, cleaning up after themselves! THANK YOU THANK YOU…

I think we were all recharged by the weekend, or at least I will be when I get some sleep, and I think Peter enjoyed it, all things considered, so we’re calling it a win.

Now if will just stop raining long enough for me to get the @#$(%*# yard mowed… sigh…


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  1. It was truly a good time. Thanks for hosting. As for cleaning up after ourselves, in my opinion, that’s a direct result of being raised right. When I was growing up and we would go to visit friends, before we left my mom would always ask me if I helped put away the toys we’d played with. If the answer was no, I’d get to march my little butt right back in there and do so. Eventually it became habit and that habit became part of who I am. It would never even occur to me to do otherwise. Thanks for hosting us!

  2. *hugs* Thank you and AepilotJim very, very much for hosting. Y’all were wonderful, and Peter was pretty touched by everyone who took the time to come.

  3. It’s not raining here, in Abilene. If you feel some overwhelming need to to mow a yard, I have an amazing deal for you, along with an opportunity to channel my inner Tom Sawyer.

  4. It is a joy in these times to find a group of people whom you can multi-converse on a variety of subjects and disagree while having fun.

    Good group of people you’ve found and collected.

    As to the young one, not all are lost. And more are waking up, just not enough quickly enough yet. Yet.

  5. What are the “varieties” of cast iron? Brands, shapes, and/or what? Mine are all Lodges.

  6. Thanks for reconfirming my faith in the fact that Good people are still around.
    Congrats to Peter!

  7. It’s always good to be among good people and the eclectic conversations. Whle they were there you should have extended the affair to a grass cutting contest.

  8. It was a wonderful time, and I thank you for hosting us.

    Wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

  9. RM- Hah… Not so much, thank you… LOL

    Beans- Good point!

    Sam- The older cast iron is actually much better, I have a couple of Griswolds that go back to my grandmother, probably 1920ish. I have one Lodge, that I had to take a grinder to, so that I could get a smooth enough finish. I also have a corn muffin pan that’s at least 70 years old. https://thepan-handler.com/

    Ed- LOL

    Brig- You’d fit in fine down here! 😀

    CP- So true!!!

    Jeff- You’re more than welcome! Thanks for coming!

  10. Good heavens, people weren’t glued to their handheld computers?

    It can, I know, be done.

    Glad all went well.

  11. Well, if the yard gets overgrown, just rent some goats for a week, that should solve your issue.

    Might want to wear a P100 for the cleanup, though.