Another day…

Another golf tournament that we didn’t win…

Of course it was us two old farts, and a kid that hadn’t picked up golf clubs in 10 years… I played flog, but we still shot par in the best ball. However, there were TWO sets of ringers today. both teams shot 54s for 18 holes. Grumble…  And the gators left us alone! 🙂 Apparently the course now has six in residence in the various ponds, and they were ‘active’ yesterday morning.

And there was food…

And beer! Over 200 golfers, and we raised $6000 for scholarships for the association, so that’s GOOD!

A few of us went over to visit our old airplane, now being flown by the reserves, and they love it because it seldom breaks. After we told them why, the maintenance master chief laughed and said, “I always thought there was something ‘strange’ about that bird.



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  1. Not meaning to cause any hard feelings, but I’ve never understood the fascination with the game of golf. But then I do much the same when I am spending quality time with my firearms – trying to hit an object using a handheld tool directed by myself. I guess its the same thing when you get down to details.

    Glad to hear you got to see old friends and visit with some vintage equipment – bet you and your group to teach them a few tricks on how to keep it in service longer.

  2. So, why does it seldom break? Did you guys sacrifice a couple of chickens to the props way back when?

  3. Hey OldNFO

    Y’all have an Orc maintaining it…Just sacrificing a few chickens to the P3 “gods” (With apologies to MHI)
    Golf?..I never wanted to get involved in another hobby that cost a lot of money…I go shooting and that eats up the coins in a hurry…Can’t afford another, LOL

    • Well, you could always go play at that golf course in South Korea, where one of the hazards on one hole is mines (apparently, once in a while an errant ball sets one off.)

      That could satisfy need to watch explody things while whacking a ball around.

  4. Jrg- Back in the day we shot a lot, but when the Navy did away with most ranges, we had to find other games… sigh… Actually, the last nine added was where the firing range used to be.

    McC- That airplane had a ‘lot’ of TLC over the years, and it was groomed routinely, so that the best equipment was on it, and all the wiring ‘glitches’ got corrected. 🙂

    Bob- There was this one guy… 🙂 Golf is exercise, and yes a bad use of a firing range…

  5. “Golf and sex are the only things you can enjoy without being good at them.” Jimmy DeMaret

      • Humph. I gave up bowling for sex. The balls are lighter and I don’t have to change my shoes…

  6. I’ve noticed that food becomes strangely more important… but the Navy did away with firing ranges? WTH?!?

    Sorry, I’m out of date and from a different country which, well, did away with its Navy.

  7. LSP- When the Navy went away from Marines guarding the gate, that was the end of ranges on most Navy bases. And food is good… LOL

    Ed- There is that… But we play for fun (and occasionally money) 🙂

  8. Interesting juxtaposition in your post. As I’m scrolling through, I read the paragraph about alligators, a blank line then at the last line on the screen before the scroll “And there was food…”

    The photo that followed was not what I thought it was going to be. That story line took a 9+G left break turn. Well done, sir!