So, apparently the SATs are now going to ‘modify’ student’s SAT score for ‘adversity’ impacts due to 15 areas of their young lives…

Looking at the distribution, it’s apparent that language is NOT the issue, if it were, the Asians would be significantly lower. For those who are familiar with the Asian culture, they STUDY and actually do the homework and more studying in their off time, as they are driven to succeed.

The company announced on Thursday that it will include a new rating, which is widely being referred to as an “adversity score,” of between 1 and 100 on students’ test results. An average score is 50, and higher numbers mean more disadvantage. The score will be calculated using 15 factors, including the relative quality of the student’s high school and the crime rate and poverty level of the student’s neighborhood.

Full article, HERE.

I wonder if there will be a ‘penalty’ score if you are very successful, in an attempt to bring everyone to within a few points of each other, making the SATs meaningless in the ‘interest’ of diversity…

I know this isn’t PC, but I’m a believer in rewarding people for studying and doing what they can to improve themselves, rather than giving them ‘points’ for their environment.  I’ve worked with multiple ethnicities over my career, and they have been successful because they were willing to put in the time and effort!!!


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  1. This is a means to bypass the issue of race if/when Affirmative Action is called out, by the courts, for the racism it is. Thus this is “racism through the back door” as it were.

  2. “I’m a believer in rewarding people for studying and doing what they can to improve themselves, rather than giving them ‘points’ for their environment. ”
    They should get points for overcoming their environment, not just living in it.

  3. How many generations must pass before affirmative action is no longer needed? Somebodies ancestors were slaves. So? Mine picked cotton. So? Go back far enough and they didn’t speak English, either. So?

    I want points for the apparent disdvantage of being a white cisgender adult male, dammit! After all, the media says everything is my fault.

  4. In Psy101 I learned you get more of what you reward.
    What are we rewarding here?
    ‘Cause we’re gonna get more of it.
    I thought college was supposed to improve us.

  5. All I thought of when I saw this on the news the other night was how glad I am that this wasn’t going on when I was in high school, and that my kids are both out of both high school and college!!!
    To me it is just insulting. If the college wants to know more about an applicant’s background, have them write an essay as part of the application process. I had to. Or, radical thought, ask the student what did they feel was their biggest challenge during an interview. The school shouldn’t be gathering all of it’s information from 1 source, but from many.

    My 2cents. Worth what ya pay for it.

  6. Sad commentary. My middle grandson had a perfect ACT. He was recruited by almost every university in the country. Unfortunately, none of them were willing to back up their recruitment with offers of scholarships. His parents make too much to qualify for financial assistance but not enough to afford tuition at the big universities. He was able to get a full ride from a private scholarship that awards academic excellence instead of sports. They only award 25 of them per year.

    • Good for him. He’ll probably do better and get more from that private university than from any of the major schools, considering how socially justiced most big schools are.

  7. Hard work is racist, dontchaknow? The talking bubbleheads on TV said so.

  8. This is a desperate attempt by the College Board to remain relevant. Schools with a well staffed admissions department have been doing this for years. At the same time the SATs are being dropped as a requirement at more and more schools (often amid discussions of how racially biased the test is). The College Board needs to protect their captive market, and this is one tactic.

    • Yup, absolutely the case. Actually, the college boards were implemented as a way of leveling the playing field, so that bright kids attending unknown schools in Deer Nostril, TN, got a chance against privileged yonks at Choate or other status high schools.
      The SEVERE issue is that none of the schools – as in ZERO – wish it to be known that there is a certain MINIMUM level necessary for success at their school, and that the top end is only good for bragging rights.

  9. One lesson I took away from Undergrad studies when I lived just off campus and spent many a night there was that I noticed that every time I walked into the libraries at night they were full of Asian students studying. It was really obvious to see who wasn’t there as white kids who were the majority on campus were sparse and the black kids were virtually nonexistent. Go into the student union during the day and see who was in the rec rooms playing games and listening to loud rap music all day and it was just the reverse demographically.

    I figured out right there what I needed to do to graduate with honors and I pulled it off with lots of late-night study despite working full time. Thanks, Asian kids.

  10. All- Thanks for the comments. Sitting in HOU waiting on weather…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  11. The point of the test is to predict who will likely NOT succeed in college. If you don’t do well on the SATs, you might do better proceeding another way. However, colleges don’t really care anymore. Student loans are easy to come by and the university gets its payday regardless. They don’t care if some poor sap gets saddled with payments for decades.

  12. Didn’t Harlan Ellison write a story about the end result of this idiocy? That government had a Handicapper General to enforce equality of outcomes.

  13. Yup. A dancer with weights; that’s the image I remember. Closer to home, Lars Walker writes about a college professor in a near-future environment (Epsom, Minnesota is the locale) who has to teach and assign grades with points given for repression: Wolf Time.