Yesterday was NOT a fun day to try to fly into DFW from anywhere…

JAX-IAH delayed a couple of hours, then routed out over the Gulf. Finally got there, then another wait due to routing (more weather coming up from San Antonio area), finally got in 4 hours late.

I don’t usually bitch about passengers, but this one bitch on the JAX-IAH leg ‘should’ have been booted off the airplane before we even left the gate. 50-something, short, dumpy, ANGRY, with red hair that cannot exist in nature, and an ego a mile wide. She got on the airplane and harangued the flight attendant for at least 5 minutes about not being able to bring her roll aboard with her while the line to board stacked up behind her. The FA never even got a chance to answer her, then she stomped down to her seat.

A couple of minutes later, she comes charging back up the single aisle, bitching AGAIN about her bag, saying there was plenty of room in the overhead bins, and saying she was going to go get it from the jetway. FA says, “You get off the airplane, you’re NOT getting back on.

Another 5 minute harangue, and the captain comes out. She tried to get in his face, but only came up to the center of his chest, and he told her either sit or get off, that we needed to load and go to make the block time for arrival in IAH. The CSR came on finally, and apologized to both the FA and captain, saying her bag wouldn’t fit in the test cradle, and the ‘woman’ had lit into her too, demanding to speak to a supervisor.

We got off the ground, and the SLUB camped out in the ONE bathroom on the airplane for over a half hour, finally prompting the FA to open the door to see if she was still alive…

Those FAs earned their pay yesterday…


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  1. There are good days to fly into DFW?
    Alright, that one was likely worse than usual.

  2. So…OldNFO, any thoughts on which end of the political spectrum she’s on?

  3. Hmm. That’s what I thought the seating out on the left wing was for. Plenty of room for roll-ons too.

  4. Evidently, the carry on sizes have been reduced. What used to be a carry on is now just a little bigger than those cages they have at the gates. I have never had an issue on US airlines but British Air Gate Nazis gave us a problem every time. The bags fit in the overhead just fine but we always had to argue. The thing was, the bags had our meds in them and we didn’t want to check them. Needless to say, we no longer fly on BA.

  5. I have thought that airlines should hire old, cranky DI’s for these occasions. A red light would flash allowing parents to cover the ears of youngsters and as a warning to those with tendered dispositions. Maybe handout ear muffs to those who wanted them.

    Then the let the fun begin! Nothing like getting the brim of a campaign hat woodpecker-ed of your nose to get your attention.

  6. I am so sorry you and the rest of the passengers and crew had to put up with that terrible woman. I had a retail store in Dallas, selling fountain pens and inks for a number of years and from time to time we would get the customer from hell. Loud, pissed off, demanding people who seemed to enjoy conflict and from time to time I would give in to them just to make them go away. I would tell my staff that folks like that have a bad day most every day and we just had to deal with that type personality every once in awhile.

    However having to be in a closed in aluminum tube for hours with one of those just ain’t right, I am thinking a tranquilizer dart might be appropriate.

  7. Orvan- Just another day in the sardine can… sigh

    Juvat- The hair color gave her away… 😉

    RHT- If only!

    PE- This one had ‘expanded’ her bag and apparently it didn’t fit the cage by something like 3 inches in depth… sigh… I am thankful I was ‘required’ to fly US flag carriers… Just sayin!

    Gerry- LOL, I love it!

    OldTex-Yep, she did her best to make EVERYBODY miserable.

  8. Just a darn shame you can’t carry pepper spray on the plane. Haldol in a similar dispenser would be nice too. With a nice lavender scent?

  9. Nothing that putting her on the no-fly list wouldn’t sort out.

    Let her get acquainted with Amtrak.

  10. It could have been much, much worse. You could have been the person who was waiting for her at her destination.
    How would you like to wake up to one on THOSE every morning?

  11. Aesop- Appropriate, and more useful weight available to load cargo! 😉

    Pat/WSF- Shudder… NOOOOOoooooo…

  12. Hey Old NFO;

    I have occasionally had those passengers from hell…when I fly…That flotsam was fortunate that she wasn’t kicked off the plane and charged with interfering with a flight crew. I have seen what people do to my poor airplanes….and sometimes I wish we could put dress and behavior standards on passengers. Unfortunately it goes with the general lack of manners of society as a whole.

  13. The flight attendant after checking on her should of locked her in until the final approach for landing

  14. I’ll presume that the monster was still alive, but what happened when the FAs opened the door? And what, if anything, was the reaction from the person sitting next to her during the flight?