‘Tis that time of year…

Alma put a great post up, HERE giving a technical answer to why a triple point weather pattern is ‘not good’…

Welp, last night and into this morning, that’s what we’ve got…

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And over one helluva big area, as this pattern is a continuation of what started Saturday in San Angelo and ripped through Dallas/Fort Worth. As of yesterday evening, things were basically west of us, flowing northeast and bypassing us, thanks to a pretty strong wind out of the south. Starting about 1800, the lower level winds started changing, gusting, calm, out of the north, calm, out of the west, gusting again, etc. The upper level was still out of the southwest, and the hair started standing up (what little I have left).

We started seeing these clouds starting to roll through,

And another round of weather started coming up from south Texas, moving more and more ENE…

I’ll post the results of the overnight situation later this morning.

Edit-  The major weather skirted us to the west, we only had an inch and a half of rain, a little bit of hail, and some pretty good winds…


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  1. The storm that hit us last night around 2 a.m. was LOUD. The wind was crazy. During a phone call last night with my dad before the storm every time he’d tell me something he had to do later in the week, he’d begin every sentence with “If we don’t get blown away…” Gotta love living in north Texas!

  2. As a follow-up, I am waiting for the sun to come up to survey the carnage…

  3. ENE movement is the devil. Those “whirly gusters” move that direction almost exclusively out there. If you don’t have “fraidy hole”, get one! Dad bought concrete blocks by the truckload after the Lubbock tornado. I cleaned them over the winter of second grade and we dug a cellar between second and third grade. Our neighbor laid the bricks, and it was available for anyone in the neighborhood. I lost count of how many bad thunderstorms I rode out in that hole.

    Up in Abernathy, our land lady had a bench sized ‘fraidy hole… Less than half the width of a picnic table. My knees rubbed the opposite wall. We wound up in there with her and the widow next door. 2 twenty year old newly weds and 2 old ladies. We had a pretty good time visiting, but the widow was scared to death. She shook like a flag in the wind when it thundered.

    Side note, if the tornado moves due east it’s likely to be on the ground a long time. Those 3 staters move like that.

    • When they turn right, it’s Katy-bar-the-door. I really, really hate right-veering storms.

      We got lucky yesterday. The cold front slid in early and stalled just south of us, so we were 50 with a dew point of 45 all day. And no sun. However, we get 60 MPH winds today, and storms all weekend.

  4. The part needed to repair my mower finally arrived and I installed and mowed the yard just in the nick of time. It’s been raining up here ever since and according to the weather map it will be raining a while longer. The Marais des Cygne River is at flood stage now and is expected to go 10 feet higher before cresting. Great. I love having a 10 mile detour to get anywhere.

    • Oof! Sib lives in Johnson County, on top of a hill, and they’re not going anywhere soon.

      • I’m in the next county south. The bottoms northeast of where I live will likely look like a lake soon.

  5. Ye cats. Saying prayers today for safety, wellbeing, and recovery. Just thankful that we don’t get as much of that weather form in the Northeast.

  6. Hey, OldNFO, got an idea for you. Take half the storm and send it to North Central Florida. Our ground is crunchy and we’re looking at estimated 96 degrees, with over 100 for the weekend. Some rain and some wind would be really nice.

    And please notice I said “Some rain and some wind.” Don’t try sending us all your rain and wind…

    Glad you pulled through okay. Hope your winning streak continues.

    Just curious, storm shelter or storm cellar or just fortified section of house?

  7. Rev- Thankfully we didn’t have to do that!

    WSF- WOW!

    Beans- If only, it’s blowing NE even as I type. Tornado shelter.

  8. Prit much the whole country has lamented the weather of the last week or so. California has not been spared, it’s been raining poodles. And now, the last three days the fierce wind is cold and biting. The whole 1st week of May was like summer and the garden was going gangbusters.

    And ski resorts have reopened what with a fresh dump of snow.

  9. Hillsboro got a pounding. We got out on the porch and watched it crash down. No damage, fortunately.

  10. Now today, all day, has been thunderin an lightnin with first those fat rain drops of summer and now a steady deluge of regular sized drops. And the OAT just dropped about 25F.