Week of…

Mondays… sigh

Hadn’t done a deep scan on my computer in a while, and started it only to have it say it was going to take 12 hours… Lovely…

So it’s still running and I’m trying to type this on a cell phone. NOT my strong suit. I kinda feel like this guy…

And we’re supposed to get MORE rain this week. That should make things ‘really’ interesting, but it beats the hell out of the drought!

The stupid in DC is becoming almost laughable, except those idjits get to make laws, which is even more scary. The harder they beat on the desks about ‘change’ they are going to make happen, the more worried I get. And the more the Jews in the attic test comes into play.

I can’t help but wonder how far they think they can push John/Jane Q. Public before the pushback starts and balloons into something they cannot control?

Hopefully I’ll be back on the computer tomorrow. Thanks again for all the good thoughts yesterday, we do appreciate them!


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  1. Sorry about the weather. We’ve been enjoying lovely, but warm, weather. I’m just glad to be able to get outside!

    Do you think the folks in the English Long Parliament and the Rump Parliament anticipated getting tossed out? Did the Rump not take Cromwell seriously? I wonder if the delegates to the series of French Assemblies (National, Legislative, whatever) ever considered that somebody was going to be very upset with them at some point?

    We aren’t like THOSE two examples, fortunately. My district, at least, has a businessman, not a lawyer, as representative, and he’s got good sense.

    Let’s hope this is all just posturing and hot air, and that they will experience a rush of good sense to the brain. But here’s something to consider: if they are acting this goofy, as freely elected representatives of the people of their districts: how HORRID it would be if they were in power through some OTHER process?

    Oh, well; this world is not my home….

  2. At this point, I’m all for the Dems passing the most insane, insipid, and evil laws their fevered imaginations can invent. Turn up the heat fast enough, and the frog will jump.

    Every year that goes by, more than a million new hostiles enter our country. The longer we wait, the worse things will get, and the harder it will become to fix things.

    • McChuck, a while back a speaker was trying to make his point. He asked an overhead question of his audience of how to boil a frog? I blurted out, you throw him boiling water and put the lid on him real fast. It made sense to me because that is how we did it when I was growing up.

      What I’m getting at is the temp setting is irrelevant if there is a lid. So, is there a lid to be placed when the time comes? By whom?

  3. I could stand a mini-drought right now. We’ve had way too much rain here and more is coming doubtless due global warming, excuse me, climate change. Will Rogers once quipped that when congress makes a joke, it’s the law of the land. I wish they’d leave the comedy to those who are actually funny.

  4. I feel ya brother. I’m on “Monday the Third” as I type this. Oh well, it keeps the pharmaceutical company that makes my BP meds in business.

  5. I think MrChuck has his finger on the pulse of the problem.
    Nothing DC does will matter soon if we don’t get control of all the unknowns crossing our Southern border.
    Isn’t that the elephant in the room?

  6. Ed- That it is…

    Pat- Glad you’re up and about, of course they didn’t think they’d be thrown out, they were the ‘elite’! And the stoopid is strong with this bunch on BOTH sides of the aisle right now.

    McC- You DO have a point…

    Jim- Understood!

    Tole- You and me both… sigh

    WSF- Not going there!

    GB- That it is, and neither side appears to want to fix it!

  7. Be sure to apply the “Jews-in-the-attic” test before going all “roof Korean”!

  8. I’ve enjoyed a relatively short career in aviation. In it I have shared a cockpit with astronauts, ex-fighter jocks, Pan-Am skippers, airline chief pilots, a pilot who got his cert from Roscoe Turner (who got his from the Wrights), even the guy who made the first Cat III landings (while the airlines were stacked to heaven and complaining how come he gets to land?).

    Anyhoo, that picture brought to mind the time a sectional chart unfolded itself to obscure the windscreen…as I was solo in a bugsmasher crossing the arrivals into LAX at their altitudes. Like a bug across a freeway. And that put in mind the other stuff, some of it too much fun (gulp).