An interesting article on shooting sixguns in competition(s)

The increasingly popular shooting matches of the National Congress of Old West Shooters and the Single Action Shooting Society are perhaps more than a healthy sport. Old West-style shooting could be considered the quintessential “American Martial Art.”

Full article from American Greatness, HERE.

A friend of mine is a multi-time world champion SASS shooter, and he can run a sixgun faster than I can a 1911 (kicked my ass he did)… sigh

Here is a three gun (sixguns, rifle, shotgun) stage from T-Bone Dooley (his handle), filmed through camera glasses to give you an idea of his speed and accuracy.

And PawPaw, on the sidebar shoots a different version of sixguns called Fast Draw. He has a number of videos on his blog, HERE.

The biggest differences are that ‘fast draw’ is not allowed in SASS, and they are shooting real bullets at steel targets, where in fast draw they are shooting sixguns loaded with single wax bullets at steel targets using ‘safety holsters’ with deflectors to prevent accidental discharge as the draw the pistol.


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  1. Hey Old NFO

    Dang….the shotgun reload….imagine if you were a stagecoach robber and someone like him was on the “double barrel”…wow

  2. Ed- LOL, it IS a time sink!

    JMI/Bob/WSF- Yes, he IS that quick! And tricks… LOL

    Brig- CMSA is yet another variant, they are shooting blanks though. And that’s barrel racing with a twist… 😀

  3. I was about 8 years old and two friends of my father came over and put on a fast draw exhibition. The guns shot blanks, but the holsters had a metal protection shield at the bottom. One man told of a premature discharge he’d seen, and the blank round took off half the holster. That’s when I learned that blank cartridges are dangerous.

    I could see this competition with live rounds – what could possibly go wrong? But the USPSA allows for fast draw and live ammo. I only competed once, and finished in the middle of about 30 shooters which is pretty good.