Road trip…

In Layton, UT for FyreCon writer’s conference for a couple of days…

This con is a little smaller, just getting started, but they do have some ‘masters’ classes being taught by some of the leading lights. Today I sat in Larry Correia’s class on world building, and it was ‘interesting’ to put it mildly. He went through various genres of world building, including SciFi, Fantasy, and Urban then he did a couple of class exercises.

The bottom line takeaway, it’s YOUR idea, run with it, have fun writing it, and treat writing like a business.

And since there was a late start this morning due to registration, I took some time to run up to Ogden and see the JM Browning museum.  What Stretch had ‘neglected’ to tell me was there was also a railroad museum, a car museum, and a display of various rail stock/engines.

The prototype 1911 built by John Browning (top), and a recoil operated concealed hammer alternate (bottom), that was never produced.

And there were railroad things, including engines, from left to right, Union Pacific 100 MPH STEAM locomotive, up through the 8700HP jet turbine engined locomotive. Ogden was/is a major rail center, with a huge marshaling yard and work center.

There is also a small car museum, and ALL of the cars are drivable and licensed!!! This particular one is a 29 Packard, capable of 80 mph,  with a rumble seat and a ‘real’ trunk strapped to the back bumper… 😀

Last but not least, I got to have lunch with friend and former Marine Art S. Good burgers and a great chat made it very worthwhile!!!


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  1. Very cool museums. I have not been there in a few. Used to go to several police courses in that area. Happy conning! Hope it is a rewarding and great learning experience for you!Not that you need any learning. You are great already.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Man that is potential “Road trip” idea gonna hang there for a couple days? I would to really see everything.

  3. The railroad museum pics remind me of the Nat’l Transportation Museum in St. Louis (actually in Kirkwood, but all one big happy family, etc etc). Lots of engines, train cars, and automobiles. Glad you enjoyed!

  4. Fargo- I can ALWAYS learn more… LOL

    Bob- You can see it in three or four hours. But totally worth it!

    Rev- Definitely worth it!

    WSF- Do it!

  5. Ogden’s railroad prominence dates from the completion of the transcontinental railroad. While the lines of the Central Pacific (CP) and Union Pacific (UP) met at Promontory Point, Ogden was the nearest population center. After a few years, UP sold CP the Promontory to Ogden track, and the two railroads interchanged traffic in Ogden rather than the desolate middle of nowhere.

  6. Browning Museum.
    That is simply awesome.
    When I murmur the words, “John Moses Browning,” it’s like a choir of gun angels singing softly in my head.

    When you stand next to the trains you realize just how big they are.

  7. Sorry I didn’t “warn” you ’bout all the other museums. And all in one spot! Guns, Cars, Trains, and Cowboys (the Utah State Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum). I spent 2 days there.

  8. TOS- Great point!

    John- Yes!

    Stretch- Sigh… I had two hours…

    Ed- He’s sure as hell not an ex-Marine… LOL Former because he’s not wearing the uniform anymore.

  9. Well hell! If I had known your were coming to the town I live in I’d have offered to buy you a beer! You might want to hit the Hill AFB Aerospace museum just for giggles while you are in town if you have the time.

  10. What an interesting side trip. Can’t go to too many cowboy, guns, trains museums!