Another interesting day…

More panels today! Science for writing, and extrapolating for future scientific work, along with differentiation between hard and soft sciences.

At lunch I met up with another shipmate, Michael Hooten, who also lives in the SLC area, and we had a good chat. A few ‘sea stories’ might have been exchanged, and he told me his second book is going to be released in the next couple of weeks.

His first, We are all Enlisted is an excellent read, and a good reflection of the ‘Navy’ in space from the junior enlisted’s perspective. Highly recommend it! Click on the cover for the link!

The blurb-

Peter Wright joined the Navy thinking that he could do his time in a nice, quiet billet somewhere on Earth. The Navy had other ideas. When the asteroid miners claimed their independence, Peter finds himself getting sent to space on a warship headed straight into the combat zone. He has to get used to everything: zero gravity, standing watch, and being the only Earth-born in his crew. And he has to be ready for the biggest battle the solar system has ever seen.

After lunch, Mackenzie Kincaid gave a panel on writing horses. This may seem a little odd, but it is amazing how much authors get wrong about horses, and horse lovers are as bad as gunnies about details being ‘right’ in books. She also has a degree in Equine studies, and actual practical experience. She’s also written a book, and I’m promoting it, even though I haven’t had time to read it, simply because of the quality of her presentation. She KNOWS what she’s talking about!!!

The blurb-

Saddle up… it’s time to write!

They appear in all sorts of genres, from epic fantasy to the zombie post-apocalypse, but horses can be one of the most difficult topics for authors to get right.

This illustrated guide gives writers a leg up on their fictional equines. You’ll find practical tips for crafting authentic equines in your works, avoiding the most common mistakes, and making your four-legged characters gallop right off the page. Included are essential illustrations, real-world inspiration, historical insights, helpful quick reference guides, example passages, and more.

Last day tomorrow, and I’m going to be glad, I truly HATE the chairs in the rooms. No back support… Grrr…





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  1. Hey Old NFO;

    John got a link working, I was gonna say “your link no workie”,

  2. I was one of those girls that never really grew out of the horse crazy phase. And it does bug the heck out of me when an author gets it wrong.

  3. Tell Michael I said Hello! I saw the cover, did a double take (it’s my artwork), and it’s a small world.

  4. Hmmm. Gunnies and Horse People. I fall under both of those categories, curiously, but haven’t written any fiction. Useless, on my part!