Now they’re blaming us baby boomers for F’ing up the country…

The Baby Boomers ruined America. That sounds like a hyperbolic claim, but it’s one way to state what I found as I tried to solve a riddle. 

Full article, HERE from the Atlantic.

And it closes with this… Not all of these problems were first caused by the Boomers, but they each worsened on their watch. If leaders in business, education, and politics want to solve these problems, they can. Whether the gerontocracy in charge today wants solutions may be another question altogether.

Funny how educational shifts and the push by the left to inculcate the lack of responsibility in the younger generations is never even mentioned…

And then there is this…

Western Unions run out of money routinely.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — People assisting the thousands of migrants who have arrived in San Antonio after being released from federal custody say Western Unions downtown are regularly running out of cash as a result of the high number of withdrawals being made by emigrants from Central American and African nations.

Full article, HERE. From the Washington Examiner.

My question is, where is all the money coming from that they are withdrawing? Especially those from Central America and Africa? They claim asylum, then turn around and withdraw money for a plane ticket for the family to fly somewhere else? Those tickets aren’t cheap… Much less for an entire family, from Texas to Maine or New York!

And the UN security council has refused to condemn Iran for the attacks on the oil tankers in the Gulf, despite evidence provided (I guess since the USA provided it, it’s suspect). Who do you believe your lying eyes of the Iranians saying they had nothing to do with it…




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  1. “Funny how educational shifts and the push by the left to inculcate the lack of responsibility in the younger generations is never even mentioned…”

    Which all happened on the Boomer’s watch.

    The “Greatest Generation” passed most of the laws that ultimately destroyed this once great nation.

    • May I add to that? The basis of most draconian gun laws were first passed in California when Ronald Reagan was Governor. These were in response to Black Panther members exercising their 2nd Amendment rights by open carry in the State Capitol.

  2. McC- Yep, the leftists ran to Canada or got deferments and worked their way up through the education systems while the rest of us did our duty.

    WSF- Good point!

  3. I guess where the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers dropped the ball was when they refused to vote regularly and get rid of politicians who demonstrated incompetence and outright hate of the citizen. Even when said politician was found to be taking bribes and other favors from lobbyists, the voter STILL voted them in, too lazy to vote them out and show the politician they had to do their job. They know better now.

  4. OT: Sorry, but I have to vent about this and there is literally nowhere else online that I can.

    I just deleted my Pinterest and Ravelry accounts. I never got into politics on either site, but I’m seriously annoyed by both. The left/Democrats really do not understand why Trump won. And he will win again because they’ve upped the ante on the rhetoric that got him elected the first time. I suspect both Pinterest and Ravelry will see their membership fall off.

  5. First of all, prior to the advent of conservative talk radio and the internet, it was very difficult to get information about politicians not driven by the left. Second the boomers had their whole society changed on them in the late sixties and early seventies. They may have been led by the popular media of the time, but that is all there was to go by. The leftward shift was not done by Greatest Generation, but by their parents generation, the deep depression generation. All the greatest generation could do was provide for their families and watch their children taken over by left. Once again it appeared, if you were pro constitution as if you were the only one. No free speech until talk radio started. Hard to get information except from the left.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    Lester Smith is on to something, until the advent of Talk Radio with El Rushbo or Boortz in the 1990’s or in my case, was 1994 when I heard talk radio for the first time and realized that I wasn’t alone. The left had such a lock on the news that anything that was critical of democrats were buried. I remembered the crap that Ronald Reagan weht through was unreal until Bush II came along and it was a pittance of what Trump is catching. The news media still don’t get it, people are seeing behind the curtain and they don’t like being played for ideological reasons.

  7. I used to be pretty anti-boomer. Hadn’t realized I’d changed until a recent discussion of inter generational communication caused me to first realize that I had zealously converted away from the generational historical model. (My parents are boomers. The stuff I saw in school was the worst side of the boomer generation, and implied they were all that way. I knew my parents were a little different, but it took me a long time to realize how little I should be trusting the books.)

    The more correct model for this historical stuff? a) the religion of socialism. b) Mass media as a tool of propaganda. The Stormers, the Attackers, the Truth, the News, those are simply extreme cases in polities where a monopoly on political violence helped things move faster to the logical extreme. c) schools as tools of propaganda.

    The very young in the HJ and the BND were some of the most persistent in violence against the occupation, because they were too inexperienced to see past the propaganda to the fact that they had lost.

    Thirties and younger cohort are, given the current propaganda environment, basically in that same position of not enough real world experience to see the truth and identify it. Lots of folks trying to exploit that with these generational games.

    That said, I do dislike Social Security, that is partly shaped by the conviction that it is not long for the world, and certainly is not worth planning my retirement* around, am have long been intrigued by the opportunity the aging of the boomers provides for ending it.

    *I’m a retirement skeptic, but know I have enough health problems that I should expect future problems.