People DO vote with their dollars…

Once again, Chick-fil-A has been named America’s favorite restaurant based on customer satisfaction.

Full article, HERE.

So, contrary to what the left has tried with the boycotts, getting them kicked out of airports and off campuses, and they are only open six days a week, they STILL are on top of the list.

We jokingly call it ‘Hate Chicken’, as a tweak to the left, and eat there at least once a week. I remember when the left tried the ‘massive’ boycott a few years ago, I was in Virginia and we had a Chick-fil-A in the mall food court a block or so away. We decided to go there for lunch, figuring our support wouldn’t mean much, but what the hey…

We got there and stared down the escalator, looking at the HUGE line. It literally snaked around the entire food court!!! The line was full of military and contractors, and I think even some folks from the other food vendors in the food court. It took us almost an hour to get to the front of the line, and the little girl behind the counter was almost crying. We when asked what was wrong, she said something to the effect that she couldn’t believe the level of support from everyone, and she was afraid they were going to run out of food! They had already run out of salads, and at least one of the chicken entrees, and the manager was apparently giving her counts of what was left.

We got our chicken sandwiches and lost out on the fries, but we supported them. Apparently that was the busiest that location had ever been, since it’s first day in the mall.

They offer quality food, good service, and polite/upbeat workers. You don’t get much better than that in a fast food place. So go enjoy some ‘Hate Chicken’, and rhetorically poke the left in the eye while you do so! 🙂


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  1. Chick-Fil-A’s portions are a bit light with my ‘robust’ appetite, but they make tasty foods. My ‘go-to’ meal are the grilled nuggets (the breaded are great too, but I’m trying to watch my weight), and a side salad. Nuggets combined with side salad.

    Employees are always upbeat and eager to please. I’ve never had a bad meal there.

  2. It just seems to me that the vocal minority will never comprehend the concept of the silent majority. Last Friday at supper we were discussing why polls are so often way off these days, and I offered two reasons.

    First, most of the more conservative leaning voters will tell a pollster to bugger off rather than answer their questions. We have more important things to do.

    Second, and probably more importantly, I now honestly believe that many pollsters cherry pick their respondents to yield their desired results. The funny part of that is how they seem genuinely surprised that their polls are wrong.



    • I’m shocked, shocked that you think that pollsters sway their findings towards whomever is paying them. Shocked…


      Don’t forget, a lot of the paranoid middle and right will give wrong answers, too.

      And then, as you’ve said, there are those who turn the tables on the pollsters. Man, I wish I had a video of me lambasting the ‘medical marijuana’ pollsters a few years ago. I went factual on them. They didn’t like it. But then Broward flexed it’s addled voter population… Sigh.

      • I’m convinced people lie to pollsters. I had a pollster push back when I said I liked a candidate they didn’t like. That’s probably a variable, too.

        • Oh, trust me, I lie to them. Usually 180 degrees to the truth. I drastically over- or understate quantitative answers. I’ll give them an incorrect race or sex (or both). It’s nearly as much fun as messing with the “Microsoft Tech Support” phone scammers.

          • “I’ll give them an incorrect race or sex”

            A man came by the house for the US Census on the last go around. He was a thin, progressive-looking white man in his late 50’s or early 60’s. (Longish thinning white hair, rather ascetic thin face, goatee, wireframe glasses, somewhat oversized short-sleeve shirt and cargo shorts, Birkenstock sandals worn with white ankle socks.)

            We had a perfectly pleasant 10-minute or so interaction on my front porch. When he got to the question of “race or ethnicity?” I told him, “I decline to answer that one.”

            “Why?” said my visitor. “You’ve answered everything else?”
            MC: “Because if your goal is to ‘build a truly colorblind society’ then I don’t see how you get there by obsessing about race.”
            BirkenstockMan:”Oh. Well, if you don’t answer then I’m supposed to mark down what *I* think you are.”
            MC: “Really. And what are you going to mark down for me?”
            BM: “Uh…I would have to check ‘Asian/Pacific Islander’ for you.”
            MC: Well you might not be far off on the first category, but two things. First and trivially, how in the world does it make sense to lump in gigantic muscular Polynesians with skinny little East Asians, particularly as there negligible cultural or linguistic overlap? Second, and with respect, how are *you* qualified to determine my race or ethnicity seeing as I speak standard and unaccented educated-Midwesterner English? Are you a cultural anthropologist? An ethnologist? A physical anthropologist, or even a just a physician? What if I told you I’m African-American?”
            BM: “I’m supposed to mark down my best estimate.”
            MC: “So my kids won’t get to go Harvard with SATs 200 points lower than whites or Asians?”
            BM: [backing off my porch] “You have a nice day, sir.”

            As if I wasn’t on enough lists already. Sigh.

          • @ Mike_C
            Last census, I was working nights. A middle-aged woman stopped by the house and beat on the door until I woke up and opened it. She was there to “fill in the things I forgot” on the census (I had answered ‘one’ to the only question that mattered, and taken a black marker to the rest; if tyey need that info, they can get a warrant). She was rather insistent, too, repeating that it was an “important government form” and that I had to answer everything on it, despite quoting census law back at her, even attempting to look around me and edging like she was going to try to come inside…
            Until she realized that:
            A. I was obviously just awoken and irate,
            B. I was mostly unclothed, having just gotten out of bed, and
            C. Having been awoken in the middle of my “night” by someone apparently attempting to beat my door down, I was attempting to conceal (and succeeding, until she stuck her head in) a Glock behind my leg, in case of unwanted and self-invited “houseguests.”

            Let me tell you, I’ve never seen anyone, not even athletes, run backwards so quickly, before or since.
            I never heard any repercussions. She may have called the police, I don’t know. But since she was trespassing on curtilage without a warrant (coming through a latched gate, attempting to come inside the house proper), trying to blow smoke up my backside (misrepresenting federal law), and such, if she did, it never went anywhere.

  3. Chick-fil-a makes some awesome tasty hate chicken, delivered with impressive friendly service.

    That the Left chose to make it a target in the culture wars because the owners dared to be Christians, and outspoken ones at that was a definite own goal. Not only did they show themselves to be bullies to the general public and spread lies about the company that we’re easily disproven, but now commits lefties can’t get tasty chicken and there’s lots more for us to enjoy, along with waffle fries, of course.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    I am fortunate, I live in the mecca of “Hate Chicken”, south of Atlanta, there is a Chicfila in every town, and in some of the malls. I started referring it to “hate chicken” on Facebook and I had people why was I saying that and I had to ‘splain that it was a tongue in cheek jab at the social warriors that screech about boycotting chick-fil-a because the owners stand up for themselves and refuse to be cowed by the outrage machine that is the rabid left.

  5. I had never patronized Chik-Fil-A, there being muliplr more than adequate sources for any chicken cravings I might have (KFC, Pollo Loco, etc.).

    Then the Leftards tried to boycott them.

    I now hit one of two nearby ones weekly, at least, ever since.
    The only place busier than they are anywhere nearby is In-N-Out Burger stands, which is saying something (round the block midnight drive-thru lines for them is normal SOP going back 40+ years).

    That for the Leftards’ boycott attempts.

    • We just had the first one open up close by in our fairly affluent, quite liberal area. There were people posting in the neighborhood NextDoor group about how terrible, terrible, it was that these hate mongers dared come to our tolerant (as long as you never voice a view they don’t like) community. When my wife and I went there this weekend, two weeks after opening, the line still snaked out in the parking lot. Two spicy chicken deluxe meals for the win!

  6. My one complaint about Hate Chicken is that the nearest one is almost an hour’s drive away. For local chicken we’re stuck with KFC. If I want good chicken I have to travel that near hour then in addition to Hate Chicken, there’s Popeye’s and Church’s for fast, and Stroud’s for the sit down. A 90 minute drive will get me to Chicken Annie’s near Pittsburg. Really good chicken there as well.

  7. And they offer a veteran’s discount.
    As was said in other comments, cheerful workers, clean, and if I patronize them them a left/prog gets angry.
    Life is good!

  8. jrg- Yep, I prefer the cobb salad with breaded myself! 🙂

    Tole- I’ve said that for years. Push polling WILL give you the answer you’re paid to get. Whether or not it resembles reality is another question.

    Aaron- Point! 🙂

    Bob- Yep, and the Dwarf House is interesting too… 🙂

    Aesop- Yep, In and Out is another one!

    BP- Thanks! 😀

    Jim- That sucks… sigh

    John- That they do!

    • The Cobb salad is really good too. One time at our office, the ‘lunch ‘n learn’ lady brought a party tray to Chik-Fil-A chicken breaded nuggets and side salads for the crew. I was so tempted to pull off my dress shirt and use my T-shirt as a wheelbarrow bucket and haul off some of that home. :^)

  9. Oddly enough, there is a Hate Chicken near me that I never go to.
    It’s in the student union building in Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, a place where pride week overwhelmed the town.
    and it closes before I get home.

  10. You have to drive 65 miles to reach a chik fil a from Midland Mi. And it seems the only time I think of it when I’m on the road is Sunday. Maybe we can catch one on our way to florida this winter.

  11. Not a giant chicken fan, she whispered…
    so she hasn’t been to one yet, but it’s for sure on m̶y̶ her list.

  12. Conversely, remember the power of “voting with your feet”.
    I don’t patronize Starbucks.
    I don’t drink Pepsi.
    And I will NEVER buy a pair of Nikes.

  13. Lunch time the day of the “boycott” saw my local Chick-fil-a so busy (How busy was it?) there were 2 FCPD motorcycle officers directing traffic at the Sunset Hills light. The traffic was backed up at least 2 blocks in either direction. People were parking in the Target lot and walking across Sunset Hills. When my friend dropped by on his why home the place was running a “short menu” and had to close early ’cause they just ran out of supplies.

  14. Aesop said:

    “I had never patronized Chik-Fil-A, there being muliplr more than adequate sources for any chicken cravings I might have (KFC, Pollo Loco, etc.).

    Then the Leftards tried to boycott them. ”

    Same here. There isn’t one close, but I always grab lunch when I’m in that town. Good enough chicken sandwich and really polite staff. And the only reason I started eating there was as a giant fuck you to the left.

    Oberlin College tried to bulldoze a local bakery recently and we switched to them exclusively for work donuts. It’s out of the way but they appreciate the support and I like the extra middle finger to those miserable communists.

  15. Love the hate chicken. but the reason i think that they are doing so good even with the near rage levels of hate against them from the ‘woke’ left is really simple.

    1> they have above average, but not great food.
    2> they are reasonably priced, the breakfast burritos are monster in size vs the cost.
    3> they have amazing so far above average service that it feels like you got epic support from them.

    If any place does this they will be successful, other examples are In-n-Out and Whataburger do the same, decent but not epic food(In-N-Out > Whataburger(Texans are just wrong about this)) decent value and fast quality service.

  16. I would point out that a) the owners are serious about customer service b) they are not, in fact, prioritizing social agenda over running the business in the way they think is best c) they know their business d) they lead the organization well e) they’ve made sure some serious industrial engineering work has gone into their processes.

    McDonald’s became big because some early leadership put work into their industrial engineering.

    Yes, the food is good. Yes, the service is good. Yes, we hate the bullies trying to ruin the business of everyone whose views aren’t cookie cutter PC. But there are lessons here for everyone who wants to learn more about getting stuff done in large organizations.

  17. Ate at one for the first time a few months ago. When I mentioned it was my first time, the clerk said the meal was free.
    Then I saw the military empty place setting. Choked me up.
    Free sandwich on mondays for vets.
    Incredible staff attitude.
    Read their business philosophy.
    I’m not religious at all anymore.
    They will get more business from me.
    And the lemonade rocks.

  18. All- Thanks and can’t disagree with anyone. I think a BIG part of the left’s hate for them is the owners are deeply religious, and value family and Sunday over profits.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  19. We finally got a Hate Chicken in our burg about a year ago. Rarely do I go there (was there last night, as a matter of fact) that the parking lot isn’t at least 2/3 full and the drive-thru is a quickly moving line.

    But for crying out loud, bring back the cole slaw!

  20. The boycott, which was literally a boycott by the Bible thumpers of a boycott by the cigar smokers, rug munchers, and general pre-verts (read it twice if you have to, but that’s what it was) happened in August of 2012. I was working in Memphis at the time, and there was a line at Chick-Fil-A that stretched out of the store and down the block. People waited for over an hour in the dog days of August heat to support Chick-Fil-A against the lunatic Left.

    Standing outside with no shade in sight for over an hour in Memphis heat is real support.

    That ‘boycott’ left welts that the Left still isn’t over.

  21. Their food is good, but sometimes it sits in the box too long and the fried chicken turns from crispy to soggy. But the lines can be so long that I seldom go during peak meal hours, or at the mall – I choose fast food when I’m in a hurry and want to eat SOON. At the food court in one mall in Indy there’s a Chick-Fil-A that does a tremendous business, but the line is so crazy I usually go to the pizza or Philly steak places instead. They can grill me up a fresh Philly in less time than I’d wait in line for Chick-Fil-A.

  22. I’d never tried Chick-Fil-A until the boycots started. Now I try to stop there for lunch when I’m out running errands if I’m passing by one.

    My only complaints are a) all the parking lots are a royal pain to get into & out of, and b) even if I buy the meal combo, I’m probably still going to be hungry an hour or so later (though I chalk that up at least in part to my fast metabolism rather than straight-up small portion sizes)

  23. I don’t like chicken sammiches either, so I get a spicy sammich(no pickle), tear open the bag, take the chicken out of the bun and eat it with a knife and fork – and then eat the bun after, heh, heh.