Here we go again! The tribe is gathering, and the usual suspects/miscreants will be roaming Chattanooga, TN for the weekend!

The full schedule for LibertyCon is HERE.

Saturday’s schedule, if you’re attending and want to listen to me blathering…

10:00AM Indy Author Resources Panel

01:00PM World Building for Space Opera

03:00PM Indie Publishing – Latest Trends in Self-Publishing and the State of the Market

06:00PM Author’s / Artist’s Alley

10:00PM Writers Tell Sea Stories II

If nothing else, catch me any other times, and I’ll be happy to chat. Looking forward to seeing y’all as always.


LibertyCon… — 9 Comments

  1. Writers telling sea stories.
    That is a panel I would love to see. (or sea!)
    Any chance of video or audio!

    Have fun.

    “I was down in Main Control as my can was getting ready to go alongside the oiler. Things were going great right up to when the collision alarm sounded.”

    A sea story and a true story all in one.

    A little know fact about the Navy are the unsung heroes of the SSRT (Soiled Skivvies Replacement Team).
    This essential team is made up from highly trained and skilled crewmembers who are drawn from the Supply Division’s Ships Servicemen rating.
    When things have quieted down after the at-sea emergency they travel throughout the ship distributing baby wipes and exchanging ummm, “used” skivvies for clean and fresh skivvies.
    Although a crappy job, it needs to be done well.

    Nobody was hurt when we bumped into the oiler, but there just might have been a need to have the following passed on the 1MC, “Now hear this! Deploy the SSRT! This is not a drill.”

  2. Enjoy LibertyCon! I know I had a heck of a lot of fun in 2016 when I attended.

    I wish I’d been able to purchase a membership for this year. Having the memberships not yet available for sale in the morning, then completely sold out when I checked back a few hours later after doing yardwork, totally sucked.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    I WILL be there next year, wish I coulda pulled it off this year…Perhaps you can talk Peter into going..

  4. My first year here. I’m looking forward to it. Living in Atlanta, I avoid DragonCon because it’s just a huge zoo. Libertycon looks like it’s going to be fun.

  5. I take it you aren’t going to the range meet Friday morning?