Not 21 anymore… Groan…

I didn’t used to mind the oh dark 30 get ups. But 0230 came WAY too early this morning. Why you may ask? Because I was stoopid…

Selected the WRONG flight out of CHA to go home, and didn’t realize it until yesterday afternoon (e.g. too late to change to a reasonable hour, so I drag my (un)happy ass out of bed to get to the airport for a 0530 flight.

And to add insult to injury, the *^&*( coffee shop in the airport isn’t open yet!!!

So I’ll leave you with this as I go in search of the elixir of life…


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  1. I’m glad I am a morning person, but as I age, getting up to go to work way before the sun rises gets harder.

    But I prefer to start the day in office a few hours early, enjoying the quiet before the day begins messing with me. Way better than just arriving and having the Hounds of Hell barking in your face.

  2. Good luck on the coffee hunt. I just hope you hand isn’t shaking so much from withdrawal that you spill most of it. Have a safe flight anyway.

  3. Snerk. You fly out of Vienna, you are going to be departing at 0600. Which means 0300 wake-up call. And no, it’s not my idea of fun, but it beats sprinting through Fraport (aka Frankfurt) with a thirty minute lay-over* between international flights.

    *Never, ever allow anyone to book connections with less than 90 minutes if you are coming or going through Fraport or another major international point-of-entry. If it is mid-day, I’d demand at least two hours.

    • In my youth, before I learned the way the world works, I had a job interview in a distant city. The company was paying for the ticket and made the flight arrangements. I was scheduled through SLC with 30 minutes between flights. This was a domestic flight so no problem, right? Naturally, we were about five minutes late arriving in SLC, and naturally we arrived at the end of “C” concourse and my departing flight was at the end of “B” concourse. I made it, gasping for breath and stumbling onto the aircraft as the door was being closed behind me.

  4. For me, it’s not the getting up early in the morning that poses the problem. It’s that going to bed after 9:00pm makes it painful to be “up and at’em” at 5:00am. I grew up hearing the adage “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Seemed a bit odd as a kid, but is totally understandable as my 7th decade looms on the horizon. Safe travels!

  5. Ha!

    They say that as you age, the memory is the first thing to go. I can’t remember the second thing… but I’m not the one getting up at some completely unholy hour to fly on a commercial airline – without coffee or bourbon.

    I almost feel a bit sorry for you, Old NFO. Almost. Then I remember that I slept in this morning and I start to laugh.


  6. Coffee is essential to survival. Hope you found some before it was too late.

  7. jrg- Agreed! I used to do that too, but since I retired I sleep in till 0600! 🙂

    CP- GOOD FA took care of me on the airplane! Thankfully…

    TXRed- Yep, and no, anything closer than 90 minutes ANYWHERE international is a non-starter. BTDT, missed the flight(s)… sigh

    Dave- I hear ya… and three nights of staying up till 0100-0200 didn’t help… LOL

    MJ- Shaddap… 😉

    WSF- Thanks!

  8. That’s gonna be me come Monday. Flying home from vaycay in Sunny Florida back to Damn Yankeeland. 0600 flight time, 1.5 hour drive to the airport. Fun fun fun. And I have a 1-hour layover. In Atlanta. Joy of joys.

  9. Hey Old NFO;

    You are brave drinking airplane coffee, LOL I have learned a long time ago, if you get beverages, make sure the can is opened in front of you and the water comes out a bottle. On the flipside the coffee probably sterilized whatever was in the water. I shouldn’t give you too much of a hard time because there are times I drank coffee when I was younger and I was convinced that the water used came from the puddle out back.

  10. Yup! Scheduling AM, not PM flights. Or landing at a Dallas-area airport and not recognizing the airfield. Only to realize that you’ve landed at Dallas-Love field but your rental car is at Dallas-Ft. Worth and your work is on the west side of Ft. Worth.
    Hope your travels were safe and you were able to reset your coffee-low light.

  11. I wake up at oh dark thirty, habit after all these years. Besides I like that first cup of coffee on the patio when everything is quiet and a new day begins…
    Don’t envy you your journey, and it seems the airport coffee shop is never open when I’m flying.

  12. Bob- I would have taken ‘puddle’ coffee yesterday morning… LOL

    WN- Oh HELL yes… I’ve had that done to me before too… sigh

    Rick- 🙂

    Brig- Agreed!