Home again! Yay! Only broke ONE airplane yesterday… LOL

Hopefully regular blogging will resume tomorrow, but I want to say thanks to the LibertyCon staff and sponsors for an outstanding con! You done good!!!

And thank you to all those who came by, said hello, and/or bought my books. I do appreciate the comments, and I do listen to what you say!

From a friend- A summary of the promises made over the two nights of Dem debates


1) 100% free healthcare including liposuction, Viagra, and breast implants.*
2) College degrees will be issued without the requirement of attending college.
3) All existing debts will be cancelled; nobody owes anything to anybody.
4) Unemployment benefits will be permanent and twice the minimum wage.
5) All cars will get 100 miles per gallon and their exhaust will be pure oxygen with a “fresh pine” scent.
6) Everything served in a restaurant will always be on a 99¢ value menu.
7) Fitness guidelines will be revised so that every American meets the federal definition of “hot.”
8) 50 bonus points will be added to the IQ score of every minority American.
9) There will be no more taxes of any kind except on the Evil Rich.

10) Everyone will go to Heaven or the deity of your choice.

* includes all those in The Country illegally 

I’m sticking this here for the next round of democrat debates so we can have some fun. NOT doing the drinking version, we’d probably be drunk in the first 15 minutes.

I know a lot of folks will be heading out for the long weekend, so if you’re traveling, please travel safe and ENJOY the 4th, our Independence Day!!!


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  1. Glad you had a great time, and equally glad you’re home safely (despite the Destruct-O-Plane). We briefly discussed whether to watch the Dim debates, but concluded we’re too well to get involved. Thanks for the Bingo card, though. Most could win just by seeing a low-light excerpt…

  2. Re #6: Appetizer, one low sodium cracker. Salad four (small) lettuce leaves, no dressing. Entree, one ounce vegan burger patty, no bun. Desert, no desert for you. Price $0.99, tax $5.00, tip (mandatory) $10.00. Enjoy Comrade

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  4. WSF- And that’s sad… sigh

    NRW- That’s already happening in some places… dammit…

  5. Glad to hear you are home.
    Didn’t and don’t watch the dims, just makes my blood pressure rise, and I have another donation trip to the blood suckers coming…

  6. You broke a PLANE?

    That’s NOTHING man – I broke a CRUISE LINER!

    The Norwegian Pearl it was. We got off the ship in Amsterdam, and the very next trip it ran (Amsterdam to Rome), it didn’t make it to the destination port, and had to kick everybody off in Barcelona.

    I count that as a win. 🙂