I wonder if we’ll ever see them here?

It would take a LOT of memory to store the images, but it could be a ‘show’ stopper or at least a pedestrian stopper for a minute or so… 🙂


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  1. Not much memory really. It’s maybe a 24×24 dot display, maybe 10 frames per second.
    I doubt you could buy a memory chip SMALL enough to do the job.

  2. If companies could pay to flash their logo at the end of the dancing manikin, I think you’d see them everywhere and soon.

    And almost as quickly I think the typical pedestrian would tune out the dancing figure the same way they tune out most advertising.

    Interesting idea.

  3. And then we’d have even more zombified pedestrians standing in the road when the lights change. As if their omnipresent cell phones weren’t enough to distract them.

  4. There are no traffic lights where I live. The closest one is about 40 miles away.

    I’d think that the dancing don’t walk sign would cause more accidents than they prevent.

  5. I don’t need a street light to dance. I’m doing that at stop lights all the time. The bathroom is always on the other side.

  6. Frank- Good point!

    John/Rev- Agreed

    LL- We don’t have one either… LOL

    Woodster- Know THAT feeling… sigh

  7. Two small improvements:

    1)Put the dancecam at the local stripper pole.

    Never send amateurs to do the work of professionals.

    2) Install speakers. Play the accompanying music tracks synced to the dance moves.

    I’m thinking Y-M-C-A will be one of a number of big 28-second hits.

    Double bonus: the record companies will fight for the rights to distribute their music for free promo clips.
    You’ve now funded the traffic lights in perpetuity, and reduced taxpayer costs to $0.

    • With an enclosed space in which to, er, dance I think the Oldest Professionals could provide some interesting moves. That’s if the space didn’t get used as a shooting gallery or a crapper.

  8. There are lots of traffic lights around here, there are also a lot of hard driving people. Only the really tweaky dare to walk against the lights, and only seem to do it once…

  9. I have loved fantasy novels since I read The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne Mccaffery and all her subsequent ones many years ago! So I will anxiously await the next installment of this one. Been a SCIFI nut since I could read. Verne, Burroughs, Carter, Asimov et-al.