It is refreshing to have interesting conversations with varied groups of folks…

At LibertyCon, I got in one that started off with Chinese moves in the SCS, segued into Chinese population issues Han vs. non-Han, to their actions with the Yuan, to international monetary manipulations, to the border immigration CBP/ICE/HHS issues in probably the space of 30-45 minutes. And NONE of it was from sound bites! People actually KNEW what they were talking about, and the disagreements were voiced, acknowledged, and discussed again without raising voices. What I novel #$%%( concept!

And a few folks have wandered through the house this week, and there were even more in depth conversations. Swords, rapiers, court swords, their uses and the rationale for their sequential existence, from both the historical and practical perspectives. And oceanography (finally something I know something about, yay!), artillery through the ages, restaurants in Spain, Italian appetizers (hint- If it doesn’t specify FRIED calamari, you might have to fight the appetizers), cats vs. dogs (and their owners), children, travel, and research for books.

And food! Texas meatloaf, burgers, brats, and dogs for the 4th, brisket and pork loin last night, and a birthday for a 1 year old. And the muse ‘graced’ me with a few ideas… sigh


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  1. Birthday for the one year old. That one I can talk about. The youngest granddaughter is having hers and I’m headed out today for the celebration. Great fun!

  2. Jim- Enjoy! She’ll either smash cake, or lick frosting off fingers after grabbing the cake, or throw it on the floor… LOL

    WSF- Yep! And 6-8 people involved in the conversations!!! 🙂

  3. Non-idealogical conversation, based on *gasp* actual information? You radical! Srsly, sounds like a wonderful time. 🙂

  4. Scandalous, people actually having informed opinions rather than parroting what their elected and unelected ‘betters’ think they should say.

    (I am green with envy…)

    That whole Han-vs-Non-Han Chinese thing is going to get interesting with the limited Han number of available females, isn’t it?

    As to swords, a short sword, like a gladius, is a reasonable home defense weapon, though a gun is better. A combination of the two, one in each hand, isn’t a bad choice.

    • And if your assailant is Arabic, a revolver and a scimitar.

  5. Rev- Authors… What can Is say… And lots of us that ‘traveled’ on Uncle’s dime.

    Beans- Yep, that IS going to be a serious issue for them. There is apparently some question as to whether some are already falsifying certain documents for the women.

    Roger- 🙂

  6. I still think a saber will fix what ails you. Although the point (ahem) about kukri fighting techniques was valid.

    How about two stories, the novel, and Dorothy’s “gun cozy” afflicting me? Y’all are a bad influence. 🙂

  7. Someone gave the muse a bottle of good Scotch, and then she said “Hey, watch this!”

  8. TXRed- LOL, point(s) granted… And not OUR problem your muse decided to kick off…LOL

    PK- Pretty much… sigh

  9. You have *no idea* how much I’ve missed conversations like we had that evening. And the FOOD! I need the recipe for the Texas meatloaf. I don’t think I can survive a full year without it. 🙂