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Michael Hooten’s second book in the Enlisted series, Till the Conflict is Over is out!

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The blurb-

Peter Wright not only survived the Battle of Juno, but managed to defeat the enemy as well. He’s hailed as a hero, and everyone wants to know his story and how he accomplished the impossible, but all he wants is to avoid everything that reminds him of that day. Instead he has to endure interviews, cotillions, and the social mores of living in outer space. And also anxiety attacks, suvivors’ groups, and funerals. Through it all, he wishes he could just be a normal sailor again.

Be careful what you wish for.

Michael does a great job of dealing with the survivor’s guilt in this story. Recommend you read the series in order.

Next up is Peter Nealan’s second book in the Maelstrom Rising series, Holding Action.

The blurb-

Buying Time With Blood

Matt Bowen and his team made it out of Slovakia by the skin of their teeth.

But the fight’s not over. And there’s no rest for the weary.

The European Defense Council, desperate to salvage their dream of a Europe reshaped in their image, threaten invasion of Poland.

The Triarii and what is left of American forces in Northern Europe stand by their Polish allies. But they’re outnumbered and outgunned.

And they might well be watching the wrong part of the border.

The brutal series about the next World War continues in a storm of fire and steel!

Peter does an excellent job of writing from the grunt’s perspective, and the level of detail and research he puts into the story is outstanding!


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