Well, well, well…

Isn’t THIS speshul…

Two mystery litigants citing privacy concerns are making a last-ditch bid to keep secret some details in a lawsuit stemming from wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein’s history of paying underage girls for sex.

From Politico, HERE.

Looks like the cockroaches are running for the darkness…

And speaking of darkness, 50-70K are without power in NYC, and this rates HOURS of coverage??? Come down south when high winds/tornadoes hit, and you get that many without power for DAYS! Link HERE. Currently 120,000 without power in South Louisiana!

And for most of the MSM, this knocked Hurricane Barry hitting NOLA off the news! Really???

From the NOAA Hurricane Center 2200 Warning-

Surge-related flooding depends on the relative timing of the surge
and the tidal cycle, and can vary greatly over short distances. For
information specific to your area, please see products issued by
your local National Weather Service forecast office.

RAINFALL:  Barry is expected to produce total rain accumulations of
8 to 15 inches over south-central Louisiana and southwest
Mississippi, with isolated maximum amounts of 20 inches.  Across the
remainder of the Lower Mississippi Valley, total rain accumulations
of 4 to 8 inches are expected, with isolated maximum amounts of 12
inches.  This rainfall is expected to lead to dangerous, life-
threatening flooding.

WIND:  Tropical storm conditions are occurring across portions of
the Tropical Storm Warning area, and these conditions should persist
into Sunday morning.  Wind gusts to tropical-storm force in
squalls are possible along portions of the coasts of Mississippi,
Alabama, and the western Florida Panhandle through tonight.

TORNADOES:  A couple of tornadoes are possible through Sunday across
portions of Louisiana, southern and western Mississippi, and
southern and eastern Arkansas.

Sorry, but NYC is NOT the center of the USA’s universe. The asshole, maybe; but definitely NOT the center…

And the rest of us really don’t care!

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  1. The 1977 NYC power outage was widespread and resulted on lots of big problems.
    My destroyer was homeported in the Bronx at Ft. Schuyler and I was making my cold iron rounds when the lights went out.
    It was an interesting couple of days.

    Being stationed a short distance from Manhattan provided a lot of tourist opportunities, but who would want to live there.

  2. It’s like how anything not perfectly mild in Atlanta is Big Weather Channel news… but midwest floods/heatwaves(heat kills!)/storms are little more than footnotes. No, I don’t miss television. Groucho was right about how it should be educational.

  3. Pre-coffee reading of the power outage article left me confused about the numbers.

    “cut power to more than 73,000 Con Ed customers”

    “cut power to hundreds of thousands of people”

    Well, yes, “more than 73,000” could be “hundreds of thousands”. Sounds like someone is exaggerating.


    ” A single Con Ed customer in the blackout area could include hundreds of apartments.”

    “Everything went dark, and the rats were running everywhere,” People do that…

    Ah. More coffee, please.

    As to unsealing: let’s hope the truth comes out.

  4. Jim;
    Your post on NYC’s power outage should be included in the top 10 understatements of the year.
    One can only hope that when to power went out, some of the rats that came out gave commie de blasio a couple of good chomps on his ass.

  5. We had this same conversation over coffee, this morning. Power outage in NYC rates hours of coverage? NOBODY cares. Our 7.1-magnitude ‘quake last November destroyed homes, highways, bridges and overpasses – and didn’t even last through a 24-hour news cycle. Our power was off for 13 hours, and when it came back on, not a word about the ‘quake on nat’l news.

    • Rev – The difference being that Alaska didn’t whine.

    • And the National Enema needs to be given there first followed by San Fransisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Baltimore, a whole bunch more of blue s**tholes and finally Washington, D.C.

  6. NYC is the center of the universe. The NY Times is the center of correct thought. The greatest restaurants, museums, entertainment in the universe is in NYC. The NY Yankees are the greatest team in the history of baseball. The NY Giants are the greatest team in the history of… Never mind the Giants.

    Ask anyone in media.

  7. The flooding in the NOLA area full effects will take days to occur, as it did Katrina. Most ofthe area’s rain will flow to Mississippi which flows nearby. Like the Midwest spring floods.

    New York blackout. Some crimmens getting their groove on in the dark. How we gonna blame Trump for this ?

  8. All- Can’t disagree, but Gerry, step away from the bong… sigh…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. I have not been able to separate the Hurricane ‘BARRY’ from thinking it is named for Obama.

    All the storm will do is wreak havoc and destroy the livelihoods of countless thousands (even millions) of people and this has little in difference from the 8 years of the black messiah.

    Being serious for a moment, NYC is the nucleus of the left’s uber gentry and therefore is the virtual center of their world. Lord help them if the power went out for a month. I’d buy a box of Crackerjacks and sit back and watch….

    Prayers are being said for those in LA

  10. NYC without power means all non-emergency comms are down, both cell phones and internet.

    ICE raids coordinated by other means can go forward but the targets can’t be warned..

  11. “NYC is NOT the center of the USA’s universe. ”
    But it’s the center of the MSM’s universe.
    I did regret them having a power outage.
    It knocked Gregg Gutfeld off the air.

  12. Come on, OldNFO! They can’t devote any serious news coverage to flyover country! Otherwise their audience might start thinking that the rednecks that live there are actually, you know, human!

  13. Well, as we said in the service: “F’em if they can’t take a joke!”

  14. Funny thing is that many of us have known about Epstien and Clinton for years, if not decades. But we figured nothing would be done because he’s a “D” and it’s OK to be a pedophile if you are a “D”.

  15. Hey Old NFO;

    Yep New York City is the center of the universe and us rubes in flyover country just support them as the good vassals that we are. Or am I being really cynical? I didn’t hear of any widespread looting though…

  16. Gerry *almost* gets it.

    New Yorkers are the only real human beings. The only reason we untermenschen exist is to serve New Yorkers. (The truth sometimes hurts, but it’s important to know where you stand.)

  17. All- Thanks for the comments. Mrs.C- That would assume you actually drink that burnt coffee… LOL

    Posted from my iPhone.

  18. Well stated, the arrogance and narcissism exhibited by many (most?) NYC residents is astounding. I was in NYC a lot in my younger days when I lived in NJ (longer than I wished), and it was a nice place to visit. Kind of like visiting a different country, or maybe a refugee camp, given all the cultures represented there. My wife and I seriously thought about starting a business in SoHo, but then realized that we’d have to make enough money to take a week’s vacation every 6 weeks to maintain our sanity. Hence we moved to NC instead. Very glad we did!

    Liked the fact that hizzhonor Billy DeBlasio got lots of crap for being out of town.

    Funny story about utilities in NYC – my two brothers in law were sitting the window of a diner one morning enjoying their breakfast. They see two guys in ConEd uniforms running full steam past the diner. My two in-laws, along with about half a dozen other diner patrons, then jumped up and ran out after them, since it’s common knowledge that two ConEd guys running away from something means nothing good is about to happen. Turns out the guys were having a friendly race to the coffee truck at the corner! But the incident did get some people’s heart rates going that day!