Resetting the ‘agenda’…

Our friend, Ray Carter, may he rest in peace, predicted this when Obergefell hit…

The emergence and spread of the contrary idea — that “gender is a ubiquitous prison of the mind” — can be traced to a precise point in time: the six months following the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision, which declared same-sex marriage a constitutional right. Almost immediately after that decision was handed down, progressive activists took up the cause of championing transgender rights as the next front in the culture war.

Full article by Damon Leek at The Week, HERE.

Ray said then that gays and lesbians would be dumped by the left, since they’d ‘gotten’ the recognition that the progs had pushed for. He grumbled that gays had been ‘used’ to strike back at the US in what he considered to be a monumentally stupid push to break down America, the institution of marriage, and the church. Ray had been on the forefront of the gay movement in Seattle, a member of the original Pink Pistols, and worked for the 2nd Amendment Foundation, so he knew of which he spoke.

Ray loved to take on the protesters at various NRA meetings, much to the delight of the bystanders when he went high queen on them, and inevitably left them without anything to counter his arguments and ‘obvious’ gayness with… (I actually watched a Houston PD mounted patrolman almost fall off his horse, he was laughing so hard.)

Maybe it’s a good thing Ray’s gone, because I don’t think his blood pressure would have stood up to what is going on.


Resetting the ‘agenda’… — 8 Comments

  1. Somebody (Tom Wolfe?) once pointed out that what drives the Progressive Left is an obsessive desire to be different, to be avant guard, to be against the Main Stream and therefore better, smarter, hipper.

    Oh, there are pockets of ninnies who really think Bringing Down America is a worthwhile goal, but most of them are just in rebellion against the simple reality that they aren’t all that special.

    They are profoundly adolescent, with the adolescent’s perpetual cry of ‘look at ME!’.

    Which is why the accusation that they are immoral rather pleases them that not. I suspect that the accusation that they are tiresome would annoy them a lot more.

  2. CSP- Excellent point. The problem is, they ‘destroy’ those they leave behind who actually want to ‘improve’ things.

  3. First the feminists.
    Then the gays.
    Then the trannies.
    Then the pedophiles.
    Next – incest and zoophiles.

    Exactly as predicted.

  4. I find it curious that the donkeys declared that race and gender are fungible. You are what you think you are, on any given day. Obama was as much black as he was white and yet he was an African America (maybe because he was born there, but I digress). AT THE SAME TIME they declare with a tear in one eye that the world is racist. How can it be racist when race and gender are all in your head.

    They can’t have it both ways. IMHO.

    • Oh, you CAN have it both ways. Worked in Orwell’s 1984. That’s how the Left/progressives/MSM has structured things.
      War on Women? But there’s now 57 genders! How does that equate? I thought all genders were equal…
      Abortion on demand, killing unborn children who can never contribute to society, but cannot destroy a convicted criminal with no redeemable contributions.
      Cognitive dissonance is the proper term. And projection – lots of projection.

  5. The American Left specializes in identity politics. Once a group has served its purpose, it is the nature of identity politics to move on to the next group. This is essential, as the goal of politics is, for many people, to gain power. What happened to blue collar workers happened to farmers. It’s happening to gays and lesbians and will, eventually, happen to the transgender folks.