This is what a haboob looks like….

I’m not sure if this is Masirah or Jeddah. Note the blown dust/dirt in the foreground.

You just hoped and prayed all the covers stayed in place, otherwise the airplane was hard down until you’d purged all the sand, which took a LONG time on det…


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  1. If it weren’t for the aircraft in the shot, I could believe it was taken on Mars.

  2. Oh, and here I thought it was Lubbock International Airport. Or Phoenix. *ducks and covers*

  3. Orvan- Trust me, BOTH places felt like Mars sometimes… 135 in the shade, of which there was NONE!

    TXRed- Snerk… Not as often as ‘that’ part of the world, trust me on that… 🙂

  4. There are parts of the world that belong in SciFi movies (or Curtis books), not places to live. I think that the entire Middle East is one of those no-go places. Nuke their ass and take their gas – if we must, but thanks to President Trump, we’re now pumping more oil than any other place on Earth. No need to visit.

  5. It would seem that the paint and decals on the pane would be sand-blasted off. Then you could take it to Earl Shibes for repainting cheep.

  6. LL- Don’t disagree at all!

    CP- Snerk… And THAT paint job would peel off on the first flight…

  7. Never forget that they’ve been herding sheep there for 10,000 years. It gives the dust a piquant aroma and flavor.

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    We called those storms “Schmeals”, I have been caught in a few….and nothing like seeing clear skies then few minutes later, visibility in yards.

  9. And that’s why aircrews practice “Four Engine Flame-out” emergency procedures. You can’t see these at night, and they’re sure to kill engines in flight. Them, and volcanic ash clouds…

  10. ONFO: yer making me glad I was strictly Blue Water Navy. That scene makes being stuck inside a floating airport more appealing. 135 degrees: We kinda sorta were supposed to have air conditioning (for the gear, not us). When the drinking water got so contaminated with JP-whatever, we, er, I mean, someone else, would tap distilled water from the chiller to make kool aid.