Good news???

I think so!

Pop. Pop. Pop. At the Minnesota high school trap-shooting championship, more than 8,000 students from some 300 schools gathered in June to blast flying orange discs out of the sky. Over nine days, the sound of bullets firing—hour after hour after hour—-becomes ambient noise, like a supermarket soundtrack. Pop. Pop. Pop.

Full article, HERE.

Kids getting back into competition shooting in high school is all good as far as I’m concerned. Being an old fart, I can remember .22 rifle and air rifle teams back in the day.

The NRA has donated over $4M to the high school shooting sports teams every year for the last few years, but acceptance is still an issue in any number of places. I can’t find it now, but there was an article last year about a young man who was suspended from school for having his gun in his trunk because practice was right after school and he didn’t have time to go home first.

When you don’t educate children in proper gun handling, you get accidents/shootings, as the MSM is ever so happy to publicise as they dance in the blood of the victims. The question I always want to ask is what, if anything, did the parents teach the children about gun safety?

Eddie Eagle is an excellent program and the NRA has been more than willing to provide that program to schools either free or for minimal charge, if I remember correctly.

I taught my kids, did you?

And I gotta throw this one up… Came over the transom from a shipmate. How little things change in a year with the MSM…

This was actually from October 2018. Ramirez as always, captured the BS that was so prevalent then, and even more so today.


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  1. Shooting trap… with bullets…

    I guess we go with a mostly positive story and live with it…

    And my high school had a rifle range in the basement and the Junior ROTC did “Range Day” at least once a month.

    • Trying to find a reporter who knows about firearms… and an editor who won’t “correct” the story… Could be worse. There was that gal a few years ago who went to the handgun range, had a lesson, and wrote about shooting a semi-automatic revolver.

    • Yeah, my high school also had a small bore range in the basement, and the club that maintained the range even stored rifles in a room next to the range OMG. LOL

  2. Most of the counties around here shoot high school trap during the year and FFA has their own parallel program as well.

    Yes as an old fart we had a rifle team, Most shooters kept their rifles in their school lockers.

  3. Drang- Yeah… sigh…

    TXRed- Double sigh…

    NRW- 🙂

    Gerry- That’s good news!

    WSF- Yep! 30-30 or 12Ga in the gun rack, Colt under the seat, and the truck unlocked… Can you imagine the s**t that would cause today???

  4. My high school also had a rifle team – I made NRA Expert, just missed Distinguished ;-(
    The range was in the junior high school though, in the basement. Our coaches had the keys to the gun locker.
    Of course that was a half century plus ago. No telling the status today………….

  5. Different times today, sadly.
    The range I shot at in RB, Calif. has active youth programs that include 4-H Shooting Sports, ClayBusters and Young Marines.

  6. When I’m in charge, they’re all getting free helicopter rides..

    Pinochet did nothing wrong!

  7. Alexandria… 2(+?) hours away from the Tw(h)ine(e) (sh)Cities? Yeah, sanity re-stablishes once clear well-clear of the Insane Duet.

    As for MN being “blue” – know it takes a ***LOT*** to overcome the amount idiocy in Minneapolis-St. Paul and “the Iron Range” (unionoids).

    “Greater MN” (aka ‘outstate’) is FAR more sane. and if we are ‘Greater’ then that naturally implies that ‘The Cities’ are LESSER Minnesota. And they sure are!