Karma is such an interesting ‘creature’ in Bawl’more…

A new deputy police commissioner in Baltimore got a firsthand lesson in the city’s crime problems — getting robbed at gunpoint while out with his wife. 

Full article, HERE.

And his original quote on being hired…

“I think the challenges are very similar” in Baltimore and New Orleans, Murphy said. “Obviously, every community, every police department is unique, but the success we had in New Orleans is directly transferable to here and we will modify it as necessary.”

Article, HERE.

It’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t have a basic grip on the ‘politics’ of Bawl’more… And the fact that criminals up there KNOW people are unarmed, unlike NOLA. The other problem is the hard drugs are much more prevalent in Bawl’more than in NOLA, and the drug gangs are much more aggressive in the inner city.

One wonders if they gave him his badge back after they stole his wallet? 🙂


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  1. You would think it would be hard to find a city more corrupt and incompetently run than New Orleans, yet he certainly did.

    I foresee a short stay and then he’ll transition to a mid-sized southern city police agency, if he’s not just hanging on for pension/retirement purposes.

    And… What? Not allowing cops to carry off-duty? Weird. Those yankee people just don’t make sense. They almost sound as strange as those in Broward County, Florida…. hey….

    • He was (is) a nonsworn, unarmed civilian employee. (And he’s got “victim” written all over him.)

  2. WSF- Yep

    LL- Probably, and will ‘flash’ it to get more stuff…

    Grog- Ya think???

    Beans- Agreed!

  3. Charm City (yes, real Baltimore nickname) pols will keep the white boy around until they need to blame some Charlie Foxtrot on his skinny ass. Then the media and “atavists” will make him the scapegoat. Kiss that career path goodbye.

  4. I live outside New Orleans, he’s the former NOPD compliance officer. His job was to make sure the police played by Obama DOJ rules when policing. That way when the media reported three new homicide’s the Chief could statistically show that homicides were down in the city and brag that there were empty beds in the jail because crime was down.I believe his job in Baltimore is the same so he’s probably telling his wife she wasn’t robbed it was just a bad dream. Got to keep those stats looking good.