My turn to cook for the crowd last night…

Shrimp and grits, ‘Tasso’ gravy, and seasoned green beans. 4lbs of shrimp gone ‘snap’ just like that… LOL

Trying to finish up the Cronin novella this weekend so I can get it out to alpha readers, so commenting will be light.


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  1. Hey Old NFO;

    You keep posting stuff like that, people will start dropping in for a “visit”, lol

  2. Yeah. If this becomes a food blog, I may find myself in the Amarillo area more frequently.

    • Try a little farther south and east. He’s closer to the seafood than I am. (Unless you like brine shrimp. You get about 3000 to the pound, if they are large!)

    • Let me know when you’re going, LL, and I’ll gas up my Jeep and follow you! I-25 goes all the way to Texas from here.

  3. MRs.C- Thanks!

    Bob- 🙂

    LL- You know you’re welcome

    TXRed- Ah, ‘snapping shrimp’… LOL

  4. That DOES look good, but I’ve been allergic to shrimp and lobster since I was in my teens. Strangely, I’m fine with crab. clams, and oysters. Dunno why – – – there’s just no point to taking the risk.

    One of life’s little mysteries.